COVID-19 Impacts Medicare Advantage

Do you want to know why  Americans said they were  signing  up for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans in 2021? According to a survey done by the folks at Medicare Advantage plans, it largely boiled down to COVID-19 supplemental benefits and telehealth supplementalbenefits.

Survey highlights:

  • 35% of respondents said they are enrolled in a MA plan for 2021 because they’ve had it before and prefer it, 29% like the prescription drug coverage, 16% like the affordability, and 9% like the supplemental benefits.
  • Of those who decided on a MA plan because of supplemental benefits, 35% cited COVID-19 supplemental benefits specifically, while 27% cited telehealth benefits.
  • 45% were switching from an original Medicare plan in 2020 to a Medicare Advantage plan in 2021.
  • Of those enrolled in a MA plan for 2021, 65% compared all of their Medicare options before enrolling, while 26% did a “brief amount of research.”