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We are the only Life and Health insurance publication with California content for brokers. There is no other state broker publication and the national books don’t cover California. For example, we put out an annual directory with 600 listings which include profiles of the health & benefit carriers in the state as well as brokerage general agents and the products they offer. 

We are always interested in bylined articles on subjects of specific interest to our readers, especially regarding health, life, disability insurance and financial planning. If you would like to propose or submit an exclusive article or opinion piece, e-mail Victoria Alexander at editor@calbrokermag.com.

Writer’s Guidelines

Word Count: About 800 words for short articles. About 1,600 for longer articles. Or anything in between.

Print Topics: Any topic that is of interest to brokers of life, health or disability insurance. See the editorial calendar at right to match what we would like to cover each month. Avoid self promotion.

Newsletter Topics: We publish news about products, hiring, promotions and philanthropy in our weekly newsletter. Please send those items in press release-style to editor@calbrokermag.com with “newsletter” in the subject line.

Use of Articles for marketing or other purposes: Feel free to reproduce articles in-house, for client marketing materials, or on your website. But you must credit California Broker Magazine as the publisher. Also, if you post the article on your website, please include a link to www.calbrokermag.com

Bio/Credit: In italics at the end of the article; please include name, title and company. Contact information, including phone number, email and social media is also encouraged.

Scheduling: Articles are published as our schedule allows. We may publish an article in the next edition or hold it for a subsequent edition.

Deadlines: Deadlines are the first of the prior month – giving us a three-week lead time for planning, editing and production. For example, the deadline for the May edition is April 1.

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