May 28, 2022
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    Fire on the SF bay!

      GGAHU Cruise Interrupted by Fire on Board All were safe, but surprised Thanks to CAHIP (CAHU) President-Elect Sue Wakamoto-Lee and attendee Alexander Gredysa of for pictures and details. On a beautiful sunny day [...]
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    Curiosity Leads to Innovation

    Find surprising solutions by encouraging exploration Organizations that foster curiosity are fueling better results, growth and success.  According to innovation consultant Diana Kander ( in an article on ChiefExecutive. “Encouraging deliberate curiosity means identifying and remedying [...]
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    Leaders Need Self Care, Too!

    Taking care of yourself gives you more energy to lead others. Makes sense ­— right? If you need evidence, take a quick look at a post from leadership experts Dennis O’Neil and Greg Hiebert. Once [...]

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Insurance Surveys

  • THREE EXPER TS SHARE PERSPECTIVE Cal Broker got in touch with some of our favorite movers and shakers to find out the latest on General Agencies this year. “We’ve greatly enhanced our communications so that brokers who work with us can be the most informed and prepared in the industry. [...]

Directory 2020-2021

  • Independent Brokerage Agencies, known to many as “General Agents,” can lead brokers through the product maze. They search the market to find the product to fit brokers’ proposals. Independent Life/Health Brokerage agencies act as the broker’s representative. Although they also perform marketing functions for the carrier, they see the broker [...]