February 18, 2020
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    ‘This is not a guarantee of payment’

    USA Today has covered yet another reason why agents want to tear their hair out (and another reason why insurance carriers aren’t winning popularity contests): retrospective denial. In a nutshell: people are increasingly getting preauthorizations, [...]
  • Insurance Insider Newsletter

    Professional Heartbreak Is Real

    In a week that had a lot of interesting things happen, perhaps one of the most for us was a voicemail left by Thomas F. Allow me to paraphrase here. Mr. F. called to tell [...]
  • Insurance Insider Newsletter

    MLK Parade Includes Insurance Industry

    Claudie Kiti Bustamante, regional field manager at Covered California, Tiffany Q. Nguyen, Los Angeles regional field representative and a bunch of agents showed up in force to support Covered California in a Martin Luther King day parade in [...]

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Medicare For All

  • Recently Governor Gavin Newsom introduced California’s 2020-2021 proposed budget and a central issue is the inclusion of Medicare for All in California with more that $80 million in Medi-Cal funding allocated to expand the program to an estimated 27,000 undocumented seniors starting 2021. There is a growing consensus that a one-size-fits-all health insurance system would threaten American’s access to affordable, quality health care.  As the debate over the future of [...]

Industrial Survey

  • As part of our series of carrier surveys, Cal Broker reached out to some of the major players in voluntary benefits. They were happy to fill us in on what’s happening in their worlds. In fact, we had so much info we had to break the survey responses into two parts. Last month we published part one. Here’s part two. Read the complete survey and responses online at calbrokermag.com.  How [...]
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