July 2, 2022
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    Gas Prices Are Up — So are IRS Mileage Rates

    Soaring gasoline prices prompted the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to adjust its optional standard mileage rates as of July 1, 2022, and for the remainder of 2022. For the final six months of 2022, the [...]
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    Men dodge health care, Aflac’s survey finds

    More than half of men go to the doctor only when they feel sick or have an accident. No surprise?  Aflac‘s annual Men’s Health Survey reveals many men postpone taking care of their physical and [...]
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    Good news! Medicare to pay higher commissions in 2023

    Brokers enrolling clients from California will receive a nearly 5% increase in Medicare MAPD and Part D commissions in 2023. Look forward to this reward for your hard work. For details click here. MEDICARE Medicare [...]
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    CMS Extends Enrollment Deadline

    Due to challenges contacting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) by phone, they are extending the deadline to submit premium-Part A or Part B enrollment or disenrollment requests to Dec. 30, 2022. This [...]

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Insurance Surveys

  • People want more than just clean teeth We asked representatives from two top carriers in the dental industry to share details about their companies. Stacia Almquist: VP, Network & Market Development, Unum and Colonial Life Dental & Vision Jill Purcell: Head of Dental & Vision Products, Guardian Life 1. What [...]

Directory 2020-2021

  • Independent Brokerage Agencies, known to many as “General Agents,” can lead brokers through the product maze. They search the market to find the product to fit brokers’ proposals. Independent Life/Health Brokerage agencies act as the broker’s representative. Although they also perform marketing functions for the carrier, they see the broker [...]