June 2, 2020
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    What Is the State of the Industry Now?

    ‘State of Coronavirus and Insurance Report’ A Must-Read InsuranceQuotes.com recently released its State of Coronavirus and Insurance Report.  The report provides an analysis of COVID-19’s effect on: Health insurance Travel travel insurance Unemployment insurance Business [...]
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    Just Help One- TODAY!

    NAHU Region 8 asks you to just help one person today if you can. Make a call, mow a lawn, deliver a meal…whatever you can do. On social media, use #justhelpone to post comments and [...]
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    Guest Post on COVID -19: FFCRA & CARES Act –Plus a lot more!

    Thank you Dorothy Cociu, the incoming vice president of communications for California Association of Health Underwriters, for contributing the excellent COVID-19: FFCRA& CARES Act article. Read the complete article here.  Dorothy will also contribute an [...]

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  • By Michael Giusti Wait, you’ve never heard of National Life Insurance Day? OK, turns out, many people haven’t heard of National Life Insurance Day. To be fair, it’s only been a recognized day for a few years. Marked every May 2, National Life Insurance Day celebrates the day life insurance was said to have first become available in the United States way back in the mid 1700s. The original life [...]

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  • By  Dorothy M. Cociu As I write this article, I am, like all of you I’m sure, confined to my home office, where I’ve been for a number of weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I’m fortunate as I’m perfectly healthy, as are all of my family and friends at this point. Of course, others have not been quite so lucky.  For all of us, however, our lives have been likely [...]
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