August 11, 2020
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    AHIP Sounds Alarm on Recent Drug Executive Orders

    On the heels of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announcing a favorable average basic premium for 2021 and the Trump administration signing three executive orders that placed restrictions on pharmacy benefit managers, America’s [...]
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    Yep, We’re Still Having a Public Health Emergency

    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar has officially extended the COVID-19 public health emergency ahead of its expiration on Saturday, July 25. The extension is for another 90 days.  There are many ramifications, including [...]
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    Insurance Industry Doing Just Fine

    Is this nuts or what? Since May 2020, International Living says its seen a 504.97% surge in traffic to its “How to Move Out of the U.S.” coverage.  Welcome to the ongoing saga of the [...]
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    10 Cal AHU Chapters Team Up for Massive Medicare Expo!

    Going virtual can have some benefits…take, for instance, what 10 local California Association of Health Underwriters chapters have decided to do August 26-27. The chapters are teaming up to host a California Statewide Medicare Expo! [...]

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  • DI Claims in the Coronavirus Environment By Art Fries —– The Coronavirus has not only presented a problem for claimants but also for insurance company claim departments. There are some “gray” areas that are creating issues that will create further need for claimants to get proper advice as it relates to a disability claim. This article will discuss these issues, some of which have not been answerable as of the [...]

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  • By Emily B. Rose For residents and business owners in California, wildfire season has become an unwelcomed annual reality. These fires, that typically start in early autumn, have taken their toll on Californians causing increased loss and devastation in recent years. Wildfire season requires a tremendous amount of preparation for residents and takes its toll physically, financially and of course, emotionally, on all Californians. In 2019 alone, over 200,000 people [...]
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