The Five Most Important Skills For Managers To Develop In 2019

What does it take to be a great manager? This question has sparked countless articles, blog posts and books. And there’s a good reason why. A great manager can make all the difference between an employee who performs to the best of his or her ability and one who merely “shows up” in the workplace or perhaps doesn’t even show up at all. So, what are the most important skills for managers to develop in 2019? Here, five academics share their perspective.

  1. Curiosity

In 2019, we will not only see an acceleration in the use of digital technologies in the workplace, but also in the pace at which workplaces function. Therefore, Karlien Vanderheyden, a professor in people management and leadership at Vlerick Business School in Belgium, believes it is important that managers develop a strong level of curiosity. This means becoming more agile and more open to new experiences, as well as being more aware of which technologies could work best for their organizations and more open to implementing those technologies. Read more..