Voluntary Benefits Survey 2019

Voluntary employee-paid benefits — called supplemental benefits by some carriers –are continually popular. These benefits offer employees the convenience and the discounted rates that they wouldn’t have access to on the individual market. But how do you choose which voluntary or supplemental benefits to present to clients? Cal Broker’s annual survey of insurance carriers helps insurance agents and brokers stay on top of plan changes from year to year. Dive in below. And please email us if there’s something you’d like added to next year’s survey: editor@calbrokermag.com.

Compiled by Thora Madden

 Voluntary employee-paid benefits — called supplemental benefits by some carriers –are continually popular. These benefits offer employees the convenience and the discounted rates that they wouldn’t have access to on the individual market. But how do you choose which voluntary or supplemental benefits to present to clients? Cal Broker’s annual survey of insurance carriers helps insurance agents and brokers stay on top of plan changes from year to year. Dive in below. And please email us if there’s something you’d like added to next year’s survey: editor@calbrokermag.com.

  1. Please list the voluntary/employee-paid benefits
    that you offer along with the minimum group size for each offering:

Rich Williams, Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, Aflac: Aflac’s supplemental insurance plans can complement any benefits package by offering an additional layer of financial protection if the unexpected happens. Aflac offers the best of both worlds – group and individual products ranging from accident and disability to hospital and vision. In addition, the plans offer direct-to-the-insured cash benefits, unless otherwise assigned, to help cover what other insurance plans may not. Aflac pays cash benefits quickly – oftentimes in as little as one business day* – so insureds can focus on getting better instead of their finances.

Individual insurance policies available through Aflac:

  • Accident
  • Cancer/Specified-Disease
  • Critical Care & Recovery
  • Dental
  • Hospital Confinement Indemnity
  • Hospital Confinement Sickness Indemnity
  • Hospital Intensive Care
  • Life
  • Lump Sum Critical Illness
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Vision

Group insurance plans available through Aflac Group:

  • Accident
  • Worksite Disability
  • Dental
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Worksite Life

Clients are requested to establish an account by completing and signing a Payroll Account Acknowledgement form and allowing three separate W-2 employees to apply for at least one Aflac policy. Aflac Group requires a minimum of 25 payers to establish group billing.

Chris Della Sala, Territory Sales Manager, Southern California, Colonial Life: Colonial Life provides a wide array of voluntary benefits, all of which can be employer-paid, including short term disability, life, dental, accident, critical illness, and hospital confinement.  Our offerings are available down to employer groups of three eligible lives.

Joe Stefano, Divisional Vice President, Western US, Guardian:

  • Guardian offers voluntary Accident, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dental, Hospital Indemnity, Life (Term and Permanent), Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability and Vision.
  • We offer Permanent Life to groups of at least 26 lives.
  • Voluntary Term Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability require a minimum of four enrolled employees.
  • All of our other voluntary group coverages can be offered to groups with as few as two employees.

Tim Jander, Regional Vice President, Irvine, CAMetLife Group Benefits: MetLife offers a comprehensive suite of complementary employer-paid and employee-paid employee benefits products. In addition to traditional voluntary, employee-paid options for life, dental, disability and vision insurance for employers with 10+ employees, MetLife and its affiliates offer the following voluntary/employee-paid benefits:

*   Auto & Home (employers with 200 or more employees); underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates:
Metropolitan Casualty Insurance Company, Metropolitan Direct Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Metropolitan General Insurance Company, Metropolitan Group Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and Metropolitan Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas, all with administrative home offices in Warwick, RI.

*   Group Legal (employers with approximately 10 or more employees) through Hyatt Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio, or, in certain states, underwritten by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Warwick, RI, and in Florida provided by Hyatt Legal Plans of Florida, Inc.

*   Accident & Health (Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity) for employers with 100 or more employees

  1. Do you have any benefit offerings for employees that work fewer than 40 hours a week?

 Williams, Aflac:  Yes. Aflac’s individual and group plans are available to full-time employees, as defined by your client, who work less than 40 hours per week. Please note the following:

  • Individual accident and short-term disability policies — Employees must work a minimum of 19 hours per week.
  • Group plans — Employees must work a minimum of 16 hours per week with the exception of group disability. Employee must work a minimum of 19 hours per week in order to be eligible for worksite disability and 20 for true group disability.

Della Sala, Colonial: Yes, we offer flexible benefits solutions to employees that work both full-time and part-time down to 20 hours per week.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian offers benefits to employees that work less than 40 hours a week. Our product offerings vary according to whether the employee works 30 hours or 20 hours a week.

Jander, MetLife:  Yes, MetLife and its affiliates work with each employer to determine the eligibility requirements for the employee population.

  1. Do you offer flexible enrollment data, billing capabilities and processes that work with the employers’ systems instead of the other way around?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac has the tools and flexibility to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes – from personalized benefit consultations with employees, to benefits marketing and education, to enrollment solutions. We will work with employers to design a seamless enrollment experience tailored to their business.

Aflac has found that the key to a great billing experience is understanding the client’s technical and payroll capabilities and assisting them with selecting the billing option that best fits their wants and needs. Aflac has the ability to work with employers’ systems and transmit billing data to an account in a variety of different ways. If an employers’ system does not seem like a good fit, Aflac and Aflac Group also work with a wide range of third-party billing companies in order to make the billing process as easy as possible for our customers. 

Della Sala, Colonial: Yes. Colonial Life’s Harmony enrollment system is built to accommodate the many unique needs businesses have for enrollments and data reporting and can often suffice in place of a costly benefits administration platform. We can also provide employers with daily enrollment reporting that shows which employees have been seen and which coverages they’ve elected so that plan administrators can assess their benefit enrollment progress daily and make any necessary adjustments in real time.

We also offer additional flexible enrollment solutions, including the ability to integrate real time with other benefit administration and HRIS systems. This allows users to enroll in their core benefits on a vendor’s platform and seamlessly bridge to our Harmony enrollment system and elect their voluntary benefits. We also offer the option to build out our products on another benefits administration or HRIS system for qualified customers.

Lastly, we offer several convenient electronic services for businesses that allow them to receive their bills, make payments and adjust their bills, as necessary, online.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian has tools in place to meet the unique needs of businesses. With respect to enrollment data, we have electronic data connections with over 300 entities. We leverage Electronic Data Interchange file transfer process: member data is sent quickly and securely via a secured transfer protocol. In addition to our own online enrollment portal, we also have partnerships with multiple benefits technology vendors for benefits enrollment and administration. Additionally, we also accept post enrollment data on paper.

With respect to billing, we offer traditional group billing which includes List Bill, Self-Bill and Self-Admin billing options. For voluntary products, Guardian also offers more flexible payroll billing, and finally with payroll billing, we can support the following: monthly variable billing, payroll frequency billing, seasonal billing, billing in arrears, payroll slotting, and flexible payroll deduction reports.

Jander, MetLife: Yes, MetLife is able to work with most payroll systems.

  1. Do you offer the flexibility to conduct enrollments through one-on-one benefit sessions, group meetings, call centers, and online self-enrollments?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac has the flexibility to conduct enrollments through each of these methods – one-on-one benefit sessions, group meetings, call centers and online self-enrollments. However, the availability of each method is determined by the number of eligible employees and state regulations.

Della Sala, Colonial: This is at the core of what Colonial Life does day in and day out all across the nation. We offer a full spectrum of benefits communication and enrollment options, including group meetings, one-on-one sessions, webinars, call centers, co-browsing and online self-enrollments. Our national team of local, professional benefit counselors uses the Harmony enrollment system and other custom tools to communicate benefits to employees face-to-face so they can make more educated benefits decisions. For hard-to-reach employees, we can offer the same benefit communication and education experience by co-browsing with employees on the Internet, meeting through a call center, or setting up online self-enrollments.

Stefano, Guardian: Guardian supports one-on-one benefit sessions, group meetings, call centers and online self-enrollments either using a company’s own internal team or by partnering with Enrollment Firms.


  • Guardian Anytime enrollment platform
  • Broad range of benefits administration solutions (10+) based on a company’s needs
  • Digital and online communications and videos


  • Guardian appointed enrollers for group meetings
  • Educational presentations, webinars, videos, digital and online communication tools
  • Broker/enroller-led face-to-face (through enrollment firms)

On Paper

  • Group-specific enrollment booklets
  • Direct mail and desk drop communications
  • Posters, flyers, forms and product guides

On Phone

  • Employee Benefits Hotline for case installation
  • Call Center Assisted Enrollment (through enrollment firms)

Jander, MetLife: Yes. MetLife’s simplified approach to enrollment leverages easy-to-use materials that help make the process smooth and drive employee engagement and participation. MetLife and its affiliates conduct enrollments/application processes through group meetings, our call center, and online. We work with the broker and employer to determine which enrollment/application channels will provide the best experience for a particular employee population.

  1. Do you honor broker-of-record letters?

Williams, Aflac: Yes.

Della Sala, Colonial: Absolutely.  As we all know, this is a very common aspect of our industry; we honor BOR’s as we receive them, make the necessary changes and communicate those changes.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian honors broker-of-record letters.

Jander, MetLife: Yes, MetLife will honor written request from an authorized officer of a policyholder to recognize a broker or other intermediary as broker-of-record for purposes of providing such broker or other intermediary with information and/or paying commissions, provided of course that such request is not inconsistent with law or any in-force compensation agreement.

  1. Do you offer simple and hassle-free account billing and payment processes?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac’s goal is to make billing and payment of premiums simple and hassle-free for your client. Aflac’s systems are flexible to accommodate a variety of billing methods and handle almost any type of billing layout.

Della Sala, Colonial: Simplified billing management is a critical aspect of our customer service model. We offer many electronic services for businesses that allow them to conduct transactions online such as receiving their bills, making payments and making any necessary billing adjustments.  Each account has a specified billing manager who is assigned to them and serves as that plan administrator’s single point of contact indefinitely, so that when they need help, they have a specific person they can reach out to directly.  If necessary, we can also provide plan administrator training on best practices for billing processes to keep the invoice reconciled and clean ongoing.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian offers a range of billing and payment options, from online to paper to electronic fund transfer, to help meet the varied needs of employers and ensure ease of administration.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. A single bill file platform is available for all voluntary benefit group products, which allows a single customer payment on a per- pay period or monthly basis. Unlike the other group products, MetLife Auto & Home enrolls employees individually.

  1. Does your billing system allow plan administrators to make online deletions and changes to their plan account?

Williams, Aflac: One of Aflac’s billing options is an online invoicing portal for the account to review current participants, plan levels and billing information. This portal is where the account would reconcile their invoice monthly. Your clients are able to safely update, reconcile and pay their Aflac invoice electronically. This automated service enhances accuracy, speeds transactions and minimizes paperwork. Your client can save time and money, as their electronically remitted payments and changes are processed faster.

Della Sala, Colonial Life: Yes, Colonial Life offers online billing capabilities. A plan administrator also has the ability to make changes online, as well as update employees’ coverage and general information through our secure website.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian’s benefit website offers a one-stop source for plan administrators to manage their account online, including submitting eligibility changes that affect their bill. Plan administrators have the flexibility to recalculate their bill online to account for added and/or deleted members. Additionally, if a plan administrator is using a ben admin Guardian integrates with, the plan administrator can make changes in the ben admin and Guardian will receive updates from the ben admin via data feeds.  

Jander, MetLife: Yes. Through our online billing system per pay period deduction amounts can be changed in accordance with each payroll run. Unlike the other group products, MetLife Auto & Home enrolls employees individually.

  1. Does your billing/payroll deduction process make it easy for the employer to offer multiple products?

Williams, Aflac: Aflac offers many billing options designed to meet a variety of needs. Aflac can handle almost any type of billing layout and accommodate several billing methods (e.g., list bill, self-bill, summary bill, self-accounting).

Della Sala, Colonial: Colonial Life’s process allows for the ability to enroll an employer’s core and voluntary benefits and provide the account with enrollment data on all employee elections in an easy-to-use, customizable spreadsheet. Employers can electronically submit this information through our secure website, and Colonial Life reconciles the bill to eliminate any additional work for the employer.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian offers a single bill (online or in the mail) for all Guardian coverages a client has in order to ensure the payment process is easy to manage. In addition to standard List Bill, Guardian also supports, Self-Bill and Self-Admin Billing.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. MetLife can allow for a single voluntary benefit deduction for numerous benefits or separate deductions for each benefit on one single bill.

  1. Does your system offer online searches for employee policy status, coverage effective dates and policy/coverage type?

 Williams, Aflac: Aflac offers online services for policyholders who have an individual insurance policy. Policyholders can log on to myaflac.com 24/7 to do the following:

  • Download claim forms and check claim status.
  • Access policy information.
  • Update personal profiles.
  • Request forms or copies of their policies.
  • Obtain contact information of their Aflac agent.
  • File claims quickly using Aflac SmartClaim®.

Della Sala, Colonial: The plan administration section of our website does exactly this – offers online searches for employee policy status, coverage effective dates, policy/coverage type, and more.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian’s online platforms enable administrators to manage their account online, including look ups for an employee’s policy status, coverage effective date and policy/coverage type.

Jander, MetLife: Our online billing system allows the employer to sort the bill by different

criteria for group products. MetLife Auto & Home enrolls employees individually.

  1. Do you offer downloadable claim forms?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac policyholders who have an individual insurance policy may download claim forms from myaflac.com, and for group claims, forms can be downloaded on aflacgroupinsurance.com. Individual products offered by Aflac can also be filed online via Aflac SmartClaim® (Aflac.com/claims). Online claims submissions are available for group and individual policies

Della Sala, Colonial: We put a great deal of effort into making our claims process as simple as possible and it’s something we pride ourselves on. Policyholders and plan administrators can download and print Colonial Life claim forms on the company’s website at www.ColonialLife.com.  We also offer simple to use claims submission capabilities via our online claims process that can expedite our evaluation and claims process, although most of our claims are already paid in one day once all of the claims paperwork has been submitted.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian’s online platforms enable plan administrators and members to manage their account online, including the ability to download claim forms or e-mail a claim form directly to someone.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. For several product offerings that require claim forms. In addition, MetLife Auto & Home accepts towing claims online in many states.

  1. Do you require carrier reps. to have a comprehensive knowledge of all of the products they deal with?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac’s broker sales professionals and agents go through a process to learn about products and processes particular to the company.

Della Sala, Colonial: Colonial Life has a 10,000-member national organization of benefits professionals and educating them is key to our ensuring that our customers are receiving nothing but the highest level of service. These individuals receive comprehensive product training through Colonial Life College, field training, online mastery tests, and classroom training on both voluntary products and core benefits.  One of our areas of expertise is helping employees better understand their benefits programs in totality, uncover their unique insurance needs and select the coverage they need to protect themselves and their families from financial risk.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian sales representatives achieve a high level of comprehensive knowledge of the Guardian products they represent through intensive and ongoing training. Guardian has a dedicated sales training team that helps to on-board new sales representatives and provides ongoing regular training via virtual and classroom settings. Additionally, sales teams have access to Practice Leaders for Life, Disability and Supplemental Health products that they can leverage to gain additional product knowledge.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. Our licensed representatives specialize in voluntary benefits and have extensive experience in designing benefit programs.

  1. How does your company support good working relationships between brokers and carrier reps?

Williams, Aflac: Aflac has a strong history of working with brokers. In 2015, Aflac established a national, W-2 team of experienced insurance professionals focused on broker partnerships and large employers. Since then, we have continued to expand and evolve our model so we are able to serve large national brokerage houses as well as smaller, regional broker firms. Our professionals are assigned by broker, giving them the best opportunity to build relationships and ensure Aflac is meeting the needs of our partners.

Della Sala, Colonial: Colonial Life places a high priority on working with brokers to help solve their clients’ benefit challenges. We have broker market managers in each of our territory offices nationwide who are dedicated to strengthening broker relationships both locally and nationally.

Stefano, Guardian: With one of the longest-tenured sales forces in the employee benefit industry, Guardian has a history of understanding the needs of growing businesses, which strengthens good working relationships. Guardian’s promise is to give brokers more ways to take good care of their clients. Our flexible and comprehensive product portfolio and responsive, personalized service support local relationships in delivering on this promise. Additionally, Guardian has practice leaders that help representatives position / explain Guardian solutions such as Worksite and Absence Management. Guardian also has a Strategic Partnerships team that facilitates stronger partnerships with broker firms at the local and national level to develop unique solutions to meet client’s needs.

Jander, MetLife: Our representatives work closely with brokers and consultants to help provide solutions that meet the needs of their clients.

  1. Do you offer marketing materials that are easy to present and simple for clients to understand?

Williams, Aflac: With more than 60 years of experience in supplemental insurance and a brand that nearly 9 out of 10 people recognize today, Aflac’s worksite marketing materials are designed to create awareness, greater understanding, and increase participation in benefit programs. Whether supporting a small business or large corporation with complex logistics, Aflac can help your clients reach employees through various channels, such as:

  • Brochures and flyers
  • Posters and tent cards
  • Payroll stuffers and direct mail
  • Product videos
  • Microsites, web banners and emails
  • Sponsored ads on social media
  • Augmented reality
  • Beacon technology
  • Geotargeting

Della Sala, Colonial: We make marketing materials available for our sales agents and brokers to use in educating customers and employees on their benefits…that is at the core of what we do.  Many of our marketing materials can also be co-branded for brokers to use and we have a wide array of digital marketing materials as well, from product information to consumerism-related pre and post enrollment data where we can embed links, videos, and many other valuable items.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. With last year’s launch of our new brand Everyone Deserves a Guardian, both print and digital marketing materials reflect our brand’s commitment to be simple and approachable for today’s consumers. We also understand that customization is key in helping create awareness and understanding of our insurance products. As a result, we offer standardized and semi-customized marketing material for the smaller end of the market. For larger cases, in addition to our standard materials, we can also provide customized marketing materials. Additionally, our Enrollment and Technology Consultancy team works to ensure there is a well-planned employee level communications strategy in place.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. We offer a broad range of materials that are easy to understand and demonstrate the value of voluntary benefits to employees. MetLife will work closely with brokers and their clients to understand an employer’s workplace culture, communications style and preferences. This approach, coupled with our experience and knowledge of proven communications practices, will help to ensure that the simplest and most effective communications are implemented.

  1. How do you track the quality of the customer service you provide to employers? For example, do you set annual service goals and measure and report results?

Williams, Aflac: Aflac constantly measures our customer satisfaction level with policyholders and business accounts in a variety of ways, such as surveys and audits, to ensure we are meeting our established customer service goals and standards. We monitor satisfaction with the total Aflac experience as well as satisfaction with enrollment, claims and billing. Aflac’s customer service quality program is administered by our Quality Assurance department. Each major business function, (i.e., primary, claims, and specialty) is sampled monthly. Additionally, for quality scoring, a minimum of five audits per month for each customer service center representative are guaranteed. All scoring and error trending are reported weekly, monthly and quarterly to management. Aflac’s Internal Audit Department also conducts audits by line of business in addition to their annual assessment of internal claims controls.

Della Sala, Colonial: Colonial Life strives to provide superior customer service to all of its 3 customer groups: brokers, employers and policyholders. The company sets internal annual customer service goals and results are measured quarterly. Colonial Life also works with independent research firms to conduct ongoing surveys of plan administrators and policyholders and reports those results externally through news releases. In addition, all employees who meet with a Colonial Life benefits counselor are asked to rate their one-to-one benefit counseling experience following their enrollment. Every account participating in the post-enrollment survey receives a report card with the survey results.

Stefano, Guardian: Guardian puts the customer first, so we make it a priority to ensure our customers are getting the best service and that we are meeting their needs. We set goals, track and report the results each year. We also do regular Voice of the Customer surveys and monitor our Net Promotor Score and Customer Effort Score to make sure we are hearing what is important to our customers. For our Large Market customers, we have a dedicated Account Services manager who handles all service related items related to the group.

Jander, MetLife: We provide utilization and participation reports to employers at their request. We also monitor our customer satisfaction levels through our call center on an ongoing basis.

  1. Do you have an established local sales and service team that can provide critical service in the same cities that the broker’s clients are in?

Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac has a team of independent sales agents licensed to sell Aflac products throughout the United States. Aflac’s certified enrollers are available to service multi-location accounts, and we have a national sales coordinator team to manage these relationships. In addition to Aflac’s sales agents, the company also offers a team of dedicated broker sales professionals in every major metropolitan area to support and service Aflac’s brokers and their clients. Aflac’s agent distribution model and broker channel can help you manage your clients’ open enrollment needs no matter the size or location.

Della Sala, Colonial: With more than 45 territory/state offices across the country and a national team of 10,000 sales professionals, we are able to provide local enrollment support and service for all of our broker partners’ clients, no matter where they are. Many of the company’s accounts have thousands of employees in dozens or even hundreds of different locations across the country and as a result of our large distribution network, we are able to provide on-site benefits counselor support just about anywhere in the country without incurring the typical costs associated with leveraging an enrollment firm, such as air travel, hotel stays, per diems, etc.  It enables us to offer the most thorough, personal, and comprehensive enrollment possible without it resulting in any additional expenses for our broker partners or their clients.  Other valuable services that we can offer at no direct cost include free dependent verification, discount program for health items, wellness benefits communication and more.  The goal is for the company’s benefits counselors to build strong relationships with employees in the account and help with future enrollments and ongoing service needs.

Stefano, Guardian: Guardian has more than 40 local sales offices nationwide to support the needs of brokers and their clients. We have Regional Sales Directors, Regional Service Managers, Sales Reps, Account Managers and Key Account Managers that support the sales and service function at the regional level.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. We have representatives that specialize in voluntary benefits throughout the U.S.

  1. Do you have a sales rep. and a service rep? (The sales rep helps the broker market and position products, manage blocks of business, and develop target markets. The service rep. helps implement and fulfill account enrollments.)

 Williams, Aflac: Yes. Aflac has W-2 broker sales professionals and designated service teams that support our broker channel. The service teams will lead the broker and client throughout the implementation and ongoing administrative process.

Della Sala, Colonial: Role specialization is a key element of Colonial Life’s field service model.  Sales professionals work with brokers and their clients to help devise voluntary benefit strategies that will solve needs and overcome benefits challenges clients are experiencing.  Account coordinators help manage the enrollment logistics and reporting. And benefits counselors meet individually with all employees to educate them on their benefits in person, telephonically or via co-browsing, help uncover any unmet needs and identify insurance plans to meet their unique needs.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian has local sales representatives to help brokers market our products. We also have Account Managers & Key      Account Managers dedicated to growing the business, renewal placement and persistency. Additionally, we work with operational staff the ensure cases are implemented smoothly, and we’ve met the needs of the client.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. Our sales and service teams work closely together to meet the needs of our brokers and customers.

  1. Do you specialize in voluntary benefits? 

Williams, Aflac: Aflac is the No. 1 provider of supplemental insurance at the worksite (Eastbridge, 2018). Aflac offers individual and group products as well as a portfolio of value-added services. Aflac is a leader in providing policies that pay cash benefits directly to insureds, unless otherwise assigned. With our broad portfolio of offerings, Aflac’s solutions suit virtually every business size and type. From three employees to 320,000, Aflac can fit easily within almost any benefits package. Many times, companies tend to use the same approach to market similar benefits. Aflac is different. We back our plans up with the following:

  • Innovative marketing campaigns.
  • Strong financial stability.
  • Brand recognition.
  • A solid company reputation.
  • Responsive claims and customer service.

Della Sala, Colonial: Yes. When Colonial Life was founded in 1939, it sold accidental death coverage to individuals. In fact, the company pioneered the concept of offering voluntary benefits at the worksite in the 1950s. Colonial Life has always marketed only voluntary benefits, and during the 80 years it has been in business, the company has developed strong expertise and experience in the voluntary benefits industry.

Stefano, Guardian: Yes. Guardian ranked #6 in total voluntary/worksite sales in 2017 (LIMRA, 2017) and had the 4th highest sales growth among the top 10 market share leaders since 2014. Guardian has a broad product portfolio and products can be offered on an employer paid, contributory or fully employee paid basis. Over the last few years, we have developed new voluntary and supplemental health products, enhanced existing ones, and invested in new and innovative capabilities designed to support them.

Jander, MetLife: Yes. MetLife and its affiliates make it simple and cost-effective to offer and administer voluntary benefit solutions that meet diverse employee needs and enhance benefits programs. Best of all, our expertise and tools streamline the process to deliver information effectively, simplify decision-making, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction.