Ancillary Benefits Present A Wheel of Fortune

By Kelly Bernell



Spin that wheel – lucky or not

The contestant solves a puzzle and has a chance to spin the large carnival wheel. The anticipation is escalating – where will the pointer land? The prizes are plentiful including cash, cars and vacations, except, there’s always a small chance that the “Bankrupt” or “Skip a Turn” flags will appear. When they do, the applause dies and the contestant has to start all over.



The contestant is your customer

They have a high-deductible individual/family plan, employer-sponsored coverage, or, nothing at all. Customers are at different stages in their lives and most likely need varying levels of financial protection. How would they know about the options available to them? They are spinning the wheel and accepting risk without any clues. Where’s their Vanna or Pat to support their game?

 Clues to the puzzle

Clue #1           Accident or Critical Illness

If an accident or critical illness occurs, the customer may be exposed to deductibles, coinsurance and other related costs – especially if it’s the first medical episode for the year. Plans that pay cash due to accident or illness are often taken when offered. 

Clue #2           Toothache

Lack of dental hygiene or unattended toothaches can prompt immediate need for treatment – at a cost. Waiting for treatment can lead to further complications which can impact overall health. Dental benefits are among the most valued employer benefits available. 

Clue #3           Blurry Vision

Poor eyesight impairs daily living activities and perhaps quality of life. Vision plans are relatively inexpensive yet provides significant savings. 

Avoiding the “loser” flags

Your customer’s luck is a numbers game. They may not know that unintentional injuries result in an average of 21 million medical visits each year. Or, that about 6 million people every year are admitted to the ICU with a life threatening critical illness. The emotional and financial burden can be substantial.

A new study from academic researchers found that 66.5% of all bankruptcies were tied to medical issues —either because of high costs for care or time out of work. An estimated 530,000 families turn to bankruptcy each year because of medical issues and bills.

Don’t let your customer “Skip a Turn” on making an informed decision about reducing financial exposure. You can lessen the probability of your customer losing their fortune (cash or other) by offering ancillary plans that increase their chance of bypassing the “Bankrupt” flag. 

Be the Vanna or Pat

Turn the letters, unravel clues, spin the wheel and save the bank. You are the host or hostess with the most! The wheel now includes colorful flags like “Accident Medical Expense,” “Critical Illness,” “Term Life,” “Dental & Vision,” and more! These plans are plentiful and you can help your customer move the pointer in the right direction. In fact, most of these plans offer the ability to build your bank. You are winning and so is your customer!

While the contestant skips the loser flags and selects these new colors, they gain the ability to keep their winnings and you build commissions. Don’t be a spectator in the game. Play it and win!

Kellie Bernell is Regional Sales Director for National General Accident & Health.
She can be reached at 805 341 7843 or