California Medicare Supplement Insurance Costs Can Vary Significantly

The difference between the least expensive and most expensive Medicare Supplement insurance policy in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego can vary by as much as 39 percent according to a study by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance, the Los Angeles-based trade organization.

“While Medicare Supplement insurance policies are basically standardized, each insurer that sells in California sets their own rates and the difference between the lowest and highest cost can be significant,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the Association.  The organization compared rates for both men and women age 65 who live in major U.S. markets.

For the three largest California cities, the largest difference between the lowest available cost and the highest could be found in San Francisco.  “The difference was 39.1 percent,” Slome shares.  The lowest cost for a 65-year-old female purchasing a Medigap Plan F policy was $140.62per-month the Association found.  The highest cost for Plan F was $208.92.   Details of the 2018 cost comparison findings for Illinois Medicare Supplement costs can be accessed via the organization’s website. (read more)