4 tips to build better customer relationships using intelligent CRM

Intelligent Customer Relationship Managercan take your business to the next level

 By Adam Edmonds

Every business and industry has different needs and, in the age of the customer, you need a customer relationship manager (CRM) that is tailored to those needs in order to deliver exceptional customer service.

Integration is the cornerstone of success for any CRM strategy, and investing in a sound, intelligent CRM is a surefire way to guarantee consistent conversions and longevity. Here are five ways investing in intelligent CRM will help you maximize productivity, deepen client relationships, and ultimately increase your organization’s profitability:

  • Never miss another milestone

According to one customer experience study by Right Now, 68 percent of customers leave if they feel you don’t care about them. Integrated CRM pulls data from back-office systems and third-party applications, doing all the heavy lifting so you never have to miss another milestone that could make or break your customer’s loyalty. Let it automatically prompt you with timely, appropriate reasons to call your clients, whether it’s a birthday, upcoming retirement, or the birth of a new family member.










  • AI automates so you don’t have to

 Intelligent CRM with built-in AI offers many benefits, chief among them is the cost-effective and efficient ability to automate workflows and streamline client processes. By combining vertical-specific industry best practices with a modern, service-oriented architecture, it delivers timely information and actionable insights directly to your fingertips.

The average financial advisor only spends about 50 percent of their time in client-facing interactions, with the rest of the time spent on administrative and other tasks. Increase your productivity with intelligent CRM that alleviates administrative burdens so you can spend that time on client interactions that matter. 

  • It’s a social world

 Your CRM system knows your customers better than you ever will. We live in a social media world that infiltrates every part of our daily lives and intelligent CRM allows you to easily engage with customers across channels on the topics they have demonstrated an interest in.

  • Eliminate your margin for error

 We are in an age of heightened regulatory reform, and organizations that fail to adopt systems that track all client communications and interactions will be at risk. The financial services industry, for instance, has been rocked in the past decade as much by scandal and turbulent markets as it has by the resulting culture of control, transparency requirements, and demand for high-level accountability.

Investing in a modern integrated CRM system with a centralized security model, sophisticated reporting capabilities, flexible auditing capabilities, and a repository of client interactions and customer risk tolerance documents will help ensure you have what you need if the need arises.

By allowing your intelligent CRM to identify repetitive day-to-day tasks and how to simplify them, you get more time and productivity back to spend on the important things like facilitating meaningful client interactions. The best part? Your AI-powered CRM also has the ability to suggest and schedule personal touches that will make a difference to your client, creating a personalized touchpoint that allows for easier facilitation of authentic client relationships.

Adam Edmonds is vice president, products, for NextJ Systems.

With almost two decades of experience developing customer management solutions in financial services and insurance Edmonds is responsible for establishing overall product vision and designing solutions that solve financial advisor’s pro blems.NexJ Systems develops Intelligent Customer Management products for the financial services industry. Its award-winning products are designed to help Wealth Management, Private Banking, Corporate and Commercial Banking, and Insurance firms revolutionize their business. Powered by artificial intelligence, its products help drive productivity, boost client engagement, and increase revenue