Sutter Health | Aetna

Sutter Health | Aetna to Expand Insurance Product Offerings in Northern California Launches COVID-19 Navigator

Sutter Health | Aetna announced its plans to offer fully insured products to employers across NorthernCalifornia for the 2022 enrollment season. The announcement follows issuance of a Certificate of Authority from the California Department of Insurance (CDI),designating the joint venture healthcare company as an independent insurance carrier in the state.

Sutter Health | Aetna currently offers self-insured Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) commercial health plans to large employers in its 16-county service area. Today, if anemployer wants a fully insured product, it must select an Aetna plan that includes the SutterHealth | Aetna performance network. Upon CDI approval, the joint venture will be able to sell itsown fully insured products to employers.