UnitedHealthcare Announces Upgrade to Integrated Plans

Enhancements to its integrated health plans include:

  • Potential Premium Savings and Net Cost.

For employers with self-funded health plans (more than 300 employees) that integrate medical andspecialty benefits, UnitedHealth now offers a Net Cost Guarantee. Employers receive an administrativefee credit if actual health care costs exceed projections. Separately, the premium savings program uBundle® enables certain employers with fully insured plans to save up to 4% per year on medical premiums when combining UnitedHealth’s medical plan with specialty benefits such as dental, vision,life, disability and supplemental health coverage (accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans).

  • Launch of UnitedHealthcare Benefit Ally™.

Benefit Ally is designed to simplify payouts for employees whose employers combine three supplemental healthplans with medical benefits. Following

a qualified accident, critical illness diagnosis or hospital stay, Benefit Ally automatically triggers a payout to the member—all without the plan participant having to submit a claim or additional paperwork.

  • Expanded Resources for Employers.

Later this year, vision, dental and financial protection aggregate claims information will be added to Health Plan Manager™, an interactive online tool. The tool enables employers to analyze and understand health data.

Oscar Launches +Oscar

Insurtech company Oscar Health announced its launching a new business called +Oscar. The new business will offer providers and third-party payors access to Oscar’s tech-enabled insurance platform.

GOOD READ: Memoir Details Author’s Journeywith Mental Illness and Disability

During Mental Health Awareness month in May, much of the talk has been about reducing the stigma of mental illness. We recently received a book that a long way toward that. Ruth Poniarski’s new book, “Journey of the Self: Memoir of an Artist,” is a beautifully honest memoir that’s a must-read if you want insight into what it’s like to struggle with mental health. The book has received glowing reviews, including a Kirkus Star review. Poniarski, diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia, severe anxiety and bipolar disorder, nonetheless has become an accomplished artist.

Find out more about Ruth and see her art at

“Journey of the Self” is available on Amazon and at other bookstores.