Short-Term Health Insurance Now an Affordable Option for Young Adults With the ACA Penalty No Longer in Place

With the ACA tax penalty out the window, many more options have been opened up to the masses.

MIAMI, November 20, 2018 ( – After plenty of discrepancies about the ACA Penalty and its ending, this following 2019 tax season could be its last note. People that jumped the gun and missed out on qualified health insurance throughout 2018 may be paying the penalty come 2019’s tax season for their 2018 income.

With open enrollment for 2019 health coverage being available currently, consumers (variable by state) may have more expansive options this year with the ending of the Obamacare Tax Penalty. Other coverage options that didn’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s “Minimum Essential Coverage” rule (to avoid the penalty) come into play more now when a consumer would like to weigh out the options.

Short-term health insurance plans having its returned 364-day limit alongside being up to 70% cheaper than qualified Obamacare ACA Marketplace Plans for some, it seems to be a more viable option for young adults that are healthy and for people with medium to high income that are healthy. Unlike plans on the marketplace, short-term plans don’t look at income as a factor for premium costs.

With some short-term plans adding the renewable option, its a more attracting offer for most people, being that they can renew their coverage for up to 36 months without additional medical underwriting. Although the initial short-term plan can only last less than 12 months, this renewable option attached to certain plans can cause for them to be more pricey. Read more..