New Poll: Worries Increase Over Worsening Mental Stability

We’ve talked a lot about how employers are worried about mental health issues during the pandemic. A new poll suggests it’s not just employers worrying. A “Back-to-Normal Barometer” survey for the first time finds that nearly 50% of people agree that their own mental health has gotten much worse and 56% of Americans believe that over the course of the pandemic, the mental health of others that they know has gotten much worse. Rich Thau, president of Engagious, one of the three firms—along with the Sports and Leisure Research Group and ROKK Solutions—that conducted the survey said the survey results suggest we’re only beginning to grasp the emotional toll this crisis has taken on us. The survey also found that 57% agree with this statement, “As more Americans get vaccinated in 2021, I expect my mental health will be much better.” 35% strongly agree; 24% somewhat agree; 22% somewhat disagree and 19% strongly disagree.