Agents as Vaccine Ambassadors

Cal Broker sat in on a recent lunch hour presentation about COVID vaccinations. Franklin D. Pratt, M.D., the Medical Director of the Los Angeles County Vaccine-Preventable Disease Control Program (VPDCP) spent about an hour and a half go-ing over the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations. The biggest takeaway was that even people who have had COVID-19, even people who take vitamins and meditate and even people who have the most positive energy and optimal health, need to get vaccinated when they can. Yes, we are aware that there are still some people who will refuse the vaccine when offered. But Dr. Pratt implored all those present to be vaccination ambassadors. He said that the health insurance agent and broker community is a powerful force in the fight against misin-formation and scams. Please let your clients know that vaccinations are safe and that they are imperative for getting us all to get back to work and back to health. That said, everyone should be aware that there are also plenty of scammers out there. Only get vaccinated from reputable healthcare providers. For reliable local information, go to your county department of public health. You should be able to sign up for COVID-19 news and updates which will detail the absolute latest info on vaccinations in your area.