Covered California Announces Increase in Insurance Premiums

Covered Calif. Enrollees Struggle With Premiums, but Like CoverageCovered California announced a price increase for 2019 health insurance plans Thursday, citing federal policies as the reason for raising costs.

If consumers renew coverage, their monthly premiums will increase by an average of 8.7 percent, according to a news release from Covered California, KTLA reported.

The increase can be avoided if consumers opt for the lowest-cost plan instead, the news release said.

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee also describes the increase as “unfortunate.” The rate change “could — and should — have been much lower,” he said in the news release.

The rate change differs from region to region: Northeast Los Angeles County’s average rate change is 10 percent, southwest L.A. County’s is 8.6 percent, while San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties’ are 9 percent. (read more)