Contact Lenses and Yearly Checkups Go Hand in Hand and May Be Cheaper

For people who wear contact lenses instead of glasses for vision correction, there can be a few more steps to struggle with for maintaining those high correction levels. Some of those steps can be seen as a hassle, and people may go out of their way to avoid them. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a membership benefits company, offers vision discounts to members that may be able to help get rid of some struggles of maintaining vision correction with contacts.

Contacts require a bit more maintenance with a vision care specialist to keep working as best as possible. Unlike glasses that rest on the face, contacts go in the eye directly, and so they have different regulations to them. A contact lens prescription must be renewed once every 12-month period before a wearer can order more contacts as, even if they order online, the site will contact a doctor’s office to make sure the prescription is accurate and up to date. “Contacts can be more convenient for people who work in a more physical job where they don’t want to deal with glasses sliding around or being potentially broken. They also might do well for people who didn’t grow up wearing glasses and didn’t learn some of the tricks traditional glasses wearers do,” said Jennifer Martinez, manager at FEBC. (read more)