It This What the Doctor’s Office of the Future Will Look Like?

Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface as concept

The new Forward medical clinic in Century City does not have a waiting room. The initial check-up with a doctor at Parsley, a new medical center in Playa Vista, involves a 75-minute meeting with a doctor and a session with a health coach. Loom, in Los Angeles, has a cozy space for clients to chat with a counselor about trying to get pregnant or dealing with a miscarriage.

As people tire of long wait times, rushed visits, a reliance on prescription medicines and dealing with the morass that is the insurance system, some doctors, practitioners and entrepreneurs — especially those trying to attract millennial customers — are finding another way to deliver wellness.

“How we think about health seems a little broken,” said Adrian Aoun, chief executive of San Francisco-based health startup Forward, which opened a Los Angeles clinic at the newly revamped Westfield Century City last month. “It’s as if we’re passive participants in our health, waiting for something serious to happen before we dealt with it.”

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