Curiosity Leads to Innovation

Find surprising solutions by encouraging exploration
Organizations that foster curiosity are fueling better results, growth and success. 

According to innovation consultant Diana Kander ( in an article on ChiefExecutive. “Encouraging deliberate curiosity means identifying and remedying your unwitting gaps in perception, getting rid of initiatives that are not creating value, and fostering accountability among team members.”

For businesses, asking these three essential questions starts the adventure: 

  1. What are your blind spots?
  2. How will you know what’s not working?
  3. How do you create accountability?

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Femtech Industry Connects Women to Tailored Products and Care
Demand for female-based health care is harnessing science and technology

Connecting women to resources and each other, as well as providing science-backed insights and analytics, the femtech industry is providing women with the help needed to supplement traditional care.

According to,“Femtech — a term coined by Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of the period-tracking app Clue — refers to the movement to create products, services and software designed to support women’s health. Things like women’s cycles, libido, menopause and reproductive journey are all natural aspects of women’s health that are traditionally viewed as taboo topics. This can lead to a sense of isolation among many women who may not know whether something they are experiencing is normal or not. That is where femtech comes in.” 

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Want to Help the World? Give blood

The American Red Cross is in great need of donations. The organization says we’re facing “the worst blood shortage in over a decade.”


Enhanced Group Critical Illness Insurance from Aflac
Addresses serious mental illnesses and infectious diseases like COVID-19

Aflac’s redesigned and enhanced Group Critical Illness product now gives employers the option to include coverage for infectious diseases, like the flu, pneumonia, human coronavirus and chronic conditions like diabetes. An additional mental illness rider is offered that covers serious mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorder, major depressive disorder and schizophrenia. This is in response to the changing needs of the workforce resulting from the pandemic.

VP Aflac Product Development and Management Kim Rudeen explained the reasoning behind the expanded offering, saying, “Employees bring their whole selves to work. That includes everything they’re dealing with physically, mentally and financially, and the last two years have been especially challenging.” 

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Keeping the Planet & It’s People Healthy
Health insurers embrace environmental stewardship 

Health insurers are acknowledging that only a small part of health care happens at the doctor’s office. According to AHIP research, insurance providers are taking a more inclusive view of health, including how to mitigate their environmental impact. Access to nutritious food and safe housing pay a roll in a person’s ability to maintain their health — along with the significant impact of sanitation, clean water and good air quality. The truth is that the clear link between physical and emotional well-being and the health of the environment disproportionately affects minority and underserved communities. 

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Orange County Exit Planning Institute Adds Calhoun as Board Member 

In May, Phil Calhoun of Integrity Advisors was nominated as a member of the board of directors for the Orange County Exit Planning Institute. Calhoun will be working to build connections between health benefits brokers and the Exit Planning Institute. In this effort, benefit brokers will be able to meet collaborative advisors and bring the institute’s deep resources to their business owner clients.  Over 70% of businesses owned by baby boomers will be sold or closed within 15 years. Passing the business on to loved ones, employees, or an outside buyer takes planning to get the best result and highest value. Calhoun is an active voice for health brokers looking to protect, grow and sell their health commissions and his book on this topic has helped many brokers plan for their future.

“Benefit brokers can be a central point of introduction with their clients to assist with this critical planning process,” says Calhoun. “We’re here to help.”

The Exit Planning Institute has chapters throughout all of California. More info.

Phil Calhoun, MBA  Contact: 1-714-664-0311 or


Got Student Loans? Wait to pay, advisors say! 

Until it becomes clear whether President Biden’s campaign promise of $10,000 in federal debt forgiveness per borrower will be fulfilled, some financial advisors advise waiting to pay off student loan debt. Some are advising debtors to reduce their gross adjusted income, so they have a better chance of qualifying for potential federal forgiveness programs. Ways to do this: max out pre-tax contributions to employer retirement plans, and putt as much money as possible into health savings and flexible spending accounts. One thing is clear, say the experts: There’s no reason to pay right now.

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Poor Oral Health Connected to Serious Medical Conditions
Delta Dental report finds many are unaware (but 9 in 10 want to learn more)        

Consumer opinions across the U.S. about oral health are revealed in a Delta Dental report, 2022 State of America’s Oral Health and Wellness Report. Most people do not understand how poor oral health can cause, or indicate serious health issues. “this lack of understanding isn’t surprising, as people often think of the mouth and body as two distinct parts,” said James W. Hutchison, President & CEO, Delta Dental Plans Association. One important revelation was that visits to the dentist are increasing, especially as the pandemic abates. Read more. 


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