More Women Take Retirement-Plan Reins

WorkingWomenMore than 90 percent of women recently surveyed agreed that in today’s world, women need to be significantly more involved in financial planning than in the past, with the highest response (96%) coming from divorced women. Sixty-seven percent of women surveyed said that becoming more knowledgeable and involved in managing their finances has improved the quality of their life, with the highest response (71%) coming from single women. The financial crisis was a major driver of this behavioral change, with 68% saying they have increased their financial involvement since the crisis. Yet, despite the increased involvement after 2008, 43% of women surveyed said they don’t feel any smarter about how to manage their money than before the crash. That feeling was shared by 36% of women with the highest income (household income of $200,000+) according to a results of a recent study released by Allianz Life.

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