Doctor’s Office Visits Unnecessary in Near Future?

Medicine doctor with futuristic holographic pills

The San Francisco Chronicle looks at how technology is playing a role in shaping the health care landscape:

Why Doctors’ Offices Could Become Obsolete:
Technological advancements are ushering in a new era of health care, eroding the long-held model of hospitals and doctors’ offices as the physical center of the health system… This rapidly changing landscape raises the question: Will there come a day when we won’t need to go to the doctor’s office anymore? (Ho, 6/12)

Why Doctors Hate Electronic Records — And What Could Change That
The health care industrial complex has spent billions of dollars and untold amounts of time trying to make medical records as flexible, invisible and unobtrusive as possible for patients and clinicians alike… But after nearly two decades of concerted innovation, amid a push to do away with paper records, many physicians say they’re still hamstrung by issues that have dogged them for years. (Fracassa, 6/12)
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