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Must. Do. Jan 20.

Cal Broker pal and CAHU VP legislation Dawn McFarland reached out today to make sure Insurance Insider readers are all aware of an extremely important CAHU legislation update webinar happening tomorrow Thursday, Jan 20, 10a.m. […]

Insurance Insider Newsletter

Medi-Cal Extends More Help

Medi-Cal, the nation’s largest public health insurance program, will now be able to extend more helping hands to those in need. Federal regulators recently approved a number of Medi-Cal adjustments. Medi-Cal benefits won’t change. However, […]

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IN THE TRENCHES WITH Naama O. Pozniak “IN JANUARY 2020, I promised you that together, we could mindfully bring new ideas and information to our Cal Broker readers. Instead, 2021 was a constant pandemic wave […]