‘Losing Hurts Worse than Winning Feels Good’


A Broker’s Playbook to Win Every Game! 
Why and how the SIGNIFICANT always  finish strong 

By Dan Clark

To me, a broker is a head football coach/ on the field quarterback who both plays and leads, noting that yes, we win and lose as a team — but we win and lose BECAUSE of individuals! 

The dictionary defines insurance broker as

“An intermediary who sells insurance by negotiating with multiple insurers on behalf of a client for compensation; while an agent represents one or more specific insurers under a contract.” 

To me, a broker is a head football coach/on the field quarterback who both plays and leads, noting that yes, we win and lose as a team — but we win and lose BECAUSE of individuals!
Once we are fully prepared and qualified to put our best foot forward, we then coordinate and collaborate with our teammates to accomplish more together than we can apart. My favorite example is when a firefly lights up by itself to attract a mate — it only has a 3% chance of attracting one. When a community of fireflies lights up in sync, the chances go up to 82%!

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Why Should Your Client Consider a Life Settlement? 
10 reasons explained 

By Lisa Rehburg

For many financial and insurance professionals, this is a busy time with Medicare, group and individual open enrollments, as well as annual reviews. But, this also can be a great time to help your clients if they no longer want their life insurance policies, no longer need them, or can no longer afford them.

We are hearing from many financial and insurance advisors right now who are seeking solutions for their clients, contacting us with questions (and concerns) about life insurance settlements. They want to be sure their clients are served well, and that a life insurance settlement is the right solution for their client.

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Developing the Coach Mindset 
For sport or business, coaching is effective to win the “game” 

By Glenn Crawford 

I like to break things down into easily understandable concepts. In previous articles I’ve touched on the benefits of taking on a coach’s mindset when working with clients. We are into the 4th quarter of the year, and there’s still time on the clock, which means we are “in” the game.

Whether it’s a game of sport, game of war, running a business or managing your financial game plan, the difference between winning and losing can be ever so slight. One of the first things a coach teaches his or her team is to play the game all the way through, to the last play, to the last second. It might make the difference between success and failure.

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Could You Use Another Tool in Your Toolbox?  
Help clients diversify while adding additional revenue  to your practice – all by just using your life license in a new way 

By Brian J. Clark 

Did you know that it has now been over 20years since California passed Senate Bill 1837? Do you even know what CA SB 1837 did for you and your clients? Perhaps not, but after you read this article, you will. Then you may have a new way to use your California life insurance license to help your clients add meaningful diversification to their portfolios while adding significant revenue to your business. Hopefully I have your attention!

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Helping Employees Go “Next Level” When It Comes to Financial Wellness 

By Dennis Healy 

In characterizing 2020, many have said, “We are all in the same storm; we are not all in the same boat.” Our experiences and the long-term impact can be tremendously different. Similarly, employees move through varying levels of financial wellness across different stages of their lives, from starting their careers to nearing retirement — and through myriad ups and downs along the way. For employers that want to provide programs and benefits that address employees’ personal fiscal needs and goals, there is usually no one-size-fits-all approach.

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Inside Versus Outside Buyers 

By Phil Calhoun 

Transferring commissions to employees, inside buyers, often seems the easiest way to exit as the owner. In all cases inside buyers cannot pay you out with a one-time payment and will need to pay over time. So, it is critical that commissions continue as projected.

With an inside sale it is vital to have a Plan B ready if something happens to key employees. I suggest consulting with an objective business advisor to assess your employee’s abilities and gain an objective analysis of their potential. Performance must be tied to the purchase.

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