Never Too Late to Protect Your Commissions

If you have not done so yet, please get it done.

Protect Your Commissions!

All brokers, especially Baby Boomers, need to protect their commissions.  With 80% of health insurance professionals in the Baby Boomer age group, it is clear that within 12 years, most of the Baby Boomer brokers will exit the business.  These brokers while Active, have built a successful book of business, one that has value totally more than one or even two years of total commissions.  The value can be protected and paid to you in your retirement.  Even should you pass before you retire, your loved ones will be paid out for years.  

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CMS launches primary care pilot to expand value-based care 

Research shows primary care is key to improving health outcomes and lowering costs. The CMS noted Medicare and Medicaid patients are often diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, and primary care providers are charged with prevention, screening and management. But, because many patients will see multiple specialists, coordinating care can be challenging. 

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With 385M patient records exposed, cybersecurity experts sound alarm on breach surge 

Healthcare companies more than ever are using electronic records and tapping digital services. That’s also creating more opportunities for cybercriminals — who already have exposed the private medical information of millions of patients — and bolsters the case for the industry to make security priority No. 1, experts say. 

Healthcare breaches have exposed 385 million patient records from 2010 to 2022, federal records show, though individual patient records could be counted multiple times, reports Healthcare Dive. 

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Apple warns of security flaw for iPhones, iPads and Macs

 Apple disclosed serious security vulnerabilities for iPhones, iPads and Macs that could potentially allow attackers to take complete control of these devices.

Apple released two security reports about the issue on Wednesday, although they didn’t receive wide attention outside of tech publications.

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Maintaining a Competitive Property and Casualty Insurance Market for Californians 

Agents and brokers have been at the forefront of meeting California consumers’ insurance challenges since climate-intensified catastrophic wildfires hit California in 2017. Many of you are rightly concerned with the reported losses in the insurance market and the availability and affordability of homeowners and commercial insurance in the last few years.  

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OIG Finds $348M in Improper Medicare Payments for Telehealth Psychotherapy 

During the first year of the COVID-19 public health emergency, Medicare improperly paid for $580 million of psychotherapy care, including $348 million of telehealth services, according to an audit by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General. 

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US Chamber of Commerce sues over government’s drug pricing power 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Friday sued the federal government, challenging a new law that for the first time gives Medicare the power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies.  

In a complaint filed in federal court in Dayton, Ohio, the chamber said the pricing program violated drugmakers’ due process rights under the U.S. Constitution by giving the government “unfettered discretion” to dictate maximum prices. 

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Seeing the Benefits of Adding Vision Insurance to Your Portfolio 

If you’re not already selling Vision Insurance, there are four good reasons to consider it. 

Low market penetration: In 2017, Zenefits reported that just over one-third (36%) of employers offered vision benefits to employees. Even six years later, it’s estimated that fewer than half of employers offer vision benefits. Your sales opportunities are outstanding. 

Significant prospects: The Vision Council says nearly 70% of Americans age 18 and older need some form of vision correction (e.g., eyeglasses, contact lenses, and/or vision correction surgery). 

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How companies can rethink life insurance benefits for their employees 

By providing your employees with additional coverage, you’ll be able to capture them early in the career lifecycle and ensure greater employee satisfaction and loyalty. 

Spurred by COVID, the Great Resignation, and changing demographics, the U.S. jobs market has changed a great deal in the past few years. We’ve all felt these changes, be it in the rise of remote work or in the increased willingness of workers to switch employers when their needs are not met. One thing’s for sure, today’s job market is employee-driven.  

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This Week’s Featured Presentation: 

When There Are Multiple Advisors at Bat “Who Do What You Do” 

Business owners are often bombarded with product and strategy pitches – and they are open to more conversations when they are considering selling their business (or recently sold it).  But they likely are not equipped with the “measuring stick” needed to make the best choices (of advisors and/or strategies) for their needs.  So how do we as advisors help them think through their options and have them see us in a different light than the rest? 

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To Be Successful in Business, You Have to Take Care of Yourself First  

Much like using an oxygen mask on a plane, you must care for yourself before you can take care of anything else–including your business 

Parents and CEOs alike tend to put their creations on top of themselves, meaning they focus on their babies, or their company, which seems to be the right thing to do. But when a parent is neglecting themselves, he or she is no longer a good fit for taking care of the baby. The same applies to managing a company. While other team members come and go, the CEOs are the one constant in the company until the day they are ready to sell or retire. 

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Special thanks to Russ Williams for his new Professional Development contributions twice a month for California Brokers.
His “Letters on Integrity” will explore the themes of Integrity.

Through The Clarity Conversation, Russ offers readers the chance to work directly with him to explore these subjects.


I practice a plan of action to accomplish my goals and mission.

 “Each man should frame life so that at some future hour  fact and his dreamings meet.”                                                                                                                                                                                          Victor Hugo 

Are there two different realities for individuals?  Hugo’s words suggest, Yes…one reality for those who plan and another for those who don’t!  Planning is the driver that achieves an intended outcome. Lack of planning produces a wasteland of mediocrity.

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