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In June’s 2023 edition, we cover:

7 Key Elements of Virtual Behavioral Health Solutions

What brokers need to know

By Michael Gorton and Michael Brombach

As employers strive to bridge growing care gaps in behavioral and mental health, the nation’s brokers are positioned to help health plan sponsors make informed benefits decisions by selecting
the optimal behavioral telehealth provider. The terms telepsychiatry or telemental health are also used to describe a subset of telemedicine that uses telecommunications or videoconferencing
technology to provide mental health services.

The emergence of providers offering these cost-effective care options comes in response to a changing workplace environment. Virtual behavioral health solutions provide a range of services,
including psychiatric evaluations, therapy (individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy), patient education and medication management. The intention is to provide additional access to care
by reducing barriers, including needing transportation, childcare or time off work in order to meet with a doctor.

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Medicaid / Medi-Cal Unwinding

How will it impact Group and Individual Health Insurance Markets?

By Paul Roberts

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), signed into law in March 2020, created the first major lifeline for Americans during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It particularly addressed the immediate needs of working Americans who had suddenly lost their paychecks and/or their jobs — and their subsequent eligibilities for health insurance. Now that the pandemic has reached its end (although COVID-19 remains a health issue), some of the changes created by FFCRA are expiring — especially for those covered by federal and state Medicaid programs.

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“Start, Stay, or Leave” by Trey Gowdy


By Phil Calhoun

In his new book, “Start, Stay, or Leave” Trey Gowdy provides a guide to help people analyze, make, and own their decisions. The author provides what seems to be a basic concept, with life being centered on a decision-making experience. Gowdy encourages his readers to embrace the experience when deciding what’s best for them, on their terms, and not according to anyone else’s expectations.

The advice provided is easy to remember and is a great fit for both younger and older brokers.  The theme is to prepare for the worst, listen to others’ opinions, and then decide for yourself.  The career of many brokers flows through ups and downs. Clients are won, some are lost.  Marketing works and then the same campaign fails to produce leads.

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This is a new column we are launching, where we pose a question or share a perspective or prediction about some aspect of the health insurance/finance industry. We invite industry leaders aka influencers to weigh in. When we receive responses worthy of readers attention, we will share. If you would like to participate, reach out to

Dawn Maroney shares her perspective

By Dawn Maroney, CEO of Alignment Health Plan and president, Markets of Alignment Health  

     Q: Do you agree or disagree on the specific points from Forbes?

Medicare Advantage (MA) has always been under a microscope, and it is no different this year. MA is more popular than ever and will continue to be an attractive choice for Medicare-eligible individuals. Its growth and success are what is getting the attention. For years, we have seen new entrants into the business who falter because they do not have the passion or focus on serving or caring for seniors — this is what is getting attention, not MA.

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How Collaborative Partnering Benefits Your Clients – Part One

By Phil Calhoun   

Many health brokers are excellent advisors in their specialty, health insurance. And, like most advisors, they feel confident when within their specialty areas. On the occasion when a health insurance client looks for help with an issue, and the need extends outside the health insurance specialty area, many advisors lean on colleagues who specialize in specific areas to find their client solutions.

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Assisting Your Clients With Prescription Drug Coverage

Critical guidance to offer during AEP

By Margaret Stedt

Many agents are reluctant to assist clients with exploring the prescription drugs plans that best fit their needs. A growing number of agents are leaving their clients to fend for themselves on the site to research and secure their plans. There is also a fear of allegations due to misrepresentation because of changes in the formularies during the year or errors in the formularies on the quoting platforms at the beginning of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). I strongly believe that the Medicare plan-focused agent can assist their clients find the plans (Medicare Advantage or Stand-Alone Prescription) that best fits their needs by thorough research using the drug quoting platforms, the plans’ formularies and knowledge of the various discount prescription drug programs and manufacturers programs for specific drugs.

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