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California Broker is headed into a transition for the print magazine.  

July will be the last issue for the print magazine without a subscription. Please make a decision before August 1 to either pay for print, choose our free digital option,
or purchase a one-year eDirectory listing and receive a bonus one-year print subscription at no cost. 

Market trends and rising production costs have prompted us to make the tough decision to move to an $18 a year subscription. Our costs for printing and mailing have doubled this past year and we expect more increases will come.   

While we have put off charging for a print subscription, we are embracing the growing digital trend. We will offer a paid print and a free digital options for our readers. 

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NABIP Names New CEO 

NABIP Names Jessica Brooks-Woods as Incoming CEO The National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals proudly announces Jessica Brooks-Woods as its incoming CEO and celebrates the remarkable tenure and service of outgoing CEO Janet Trautwein during the Annual Convention held in New Orleans, LA.   

– Following an extensive national search, Jessica Brooks-Woods, MPM, PHR, has been appointed as the incoming CEO of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP), assuming her role on September 1, 2023. In her capacity as CEO, Jessica will provide strategic guidance and leadership to a 30-member staff in Washington, DC, as well as oversee the representation of over 100,000 licensed health insurance agents, brokers, general agents, consultants, and benefits professionals through 200 state and local chapters. 

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HHS warns industry about resurfaced ransomware group after attack on cancer center 

Data breaches at healthcare organizations have been on the rise since 2010, and they’re increasingly caused by hacking incidents in which criminals demand payment in exchange for restored access to medical data. 

The industry is a valuable target for hackers due to its wealth of data and weaker threat mitigation, according to a recent report from Moody’s Investors Service. The sector was also hurt by staff shortages and burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Takeaways from the California budget deal between Newsom and Democratic lawmakers 

Gov. Gavin Newsom and Democratic legislative leaders on Monday agreed to a $310.8-billion budget spending plan that will reduce investments in fighting climate change and reflects a compromise on the governor’s last-minute proposal to speed up infrastructure projects across California. 

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Why Agents Should Care About Medicare Advantage Plan Star Ratings

As an executive at a Medicare Advantage plan that’s received 5-star ratings for two years in a row, I’m often asked about the growing popularity of Medicare Advantage — and about the nuances of the star rating system that’s used to distinguish high levels of patient care and the quality-of-care plans deliver. 

The Centers for Medicaid and Services, the federal agency that oversees Medicare, came up with the star rating system to help agents, clients and others compare Medicare Advantage plans. 

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Humana becomes second major payer to flag higher outpatient volumes in Q2

Pent-up demand for healthcare delayed during COVID-19 is making a reappearance, pressuring medical costs for health insurers that had a financial windfall during the pandemic. The return of delayed services could once again raise health insurer spending that was suppressed as Americans avoided non-essential medical services during the pandemic. 

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How to Cut Your Social Security Taxes

Many retirees are dismayed to learn that they owe taxes on a portion of their benefits. But you can take steps to minimize the pain. 

After decades of having Social Security taxes withheld from your paycheck, you may not expect to pay taxes on the benefits you’ve earned. But if you have other sources of income, such as a job, a pension or withdrawals from tax-deferred retirement savings plans, there’s a good chance you’ll pay taxes on up to 85% of your benefits. Depending on where you live, your state may tax your benefits, too.  

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Help Clients Get Reimbursed for COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave 

Your small business clients may be eligible to apply for reimbursement of costs incurred in connection with the California COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave program. Qualifying employers are eligible for $5,000 to $50,000.

Funds awarded can be used solely to reimburse California employers that offered COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave between January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2022. Only businesses with 26 to 49 employees qualify for the reimbursement program. 

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Get to know CalCPA Health 

Since 1959, CalCPA Health has been providing health plans to CPA and financial services firms  of all sizes.  

Half of our subscribers are enrolled in HSA plans, and we have developed “fully integrated” HSA  administration services to make HSAs simpler for employees and employers.

In addition,   CalCPA Health has the largest offering of HSA plans available in California. 

 CalCPA Health offers broker’s clients the following: 

  • Complimentary COBRA administration 
  • Concierge customer service for employees and employers
  • One point of contact for all lines of coverage / single bill
  • Long history of stable premiums
  • Easy quoting, underwriting and on-boarding
  • No premium with application (premium deposit) required 

Plus brokers earn 7% commissions (first and renewal) 2-50 small group 

Finding leads:  

Prospecting for leads is straight forward, every existing business client has a CPA and also a financial services vendor.   Ask for an introduction and network with them to present this unique and exclusive health plan offering. 

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Report: Inflation leads concerns of small business owners 

Inflation has spiked under President Biden; 1 in 4 small business owners view it as biggest issue 

Small business owners are concerned about the economy for the 17th month in a row, according to a National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) report released Tuesday. 

Inflation was the biggest problem for 25% of small business owners in May, up two points from April. Concern about labor quality followed close behind at 24%, with 44% of owners reporting difficulty filling job openings. 

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Opinion: After struggling to find a therapist, I sought mental health guidance from ChatGPT 

Bichelman is studying in New York University’s online graduate mental health counseling program, pursuing his Ph.D. as a mental health professional, and lives in North Park. 

The prospect of anyone — from immigrants to the next generation of employees entering the workforce — or anything — from machines to artificial intelligence — rendering labor obsolete has attracted pearl-clutching outrage since technological advancements have obligated think pieces about future applications. The widespread fear increasing with the ubiquity of ChatGPT, therefore, isn’t entirely unexpected. 

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This Week’s SCI Academy Featured Presentation:  

The Five Forms of Business Valuations and the Role Each Play in the Exit Planning Process

Whether a business is in growth mode, or they are planning for an exit/succession in the near future, driving for an increase in value will expand the choices for the owner, their team, and their family.  It is just plain good business planning to know the true value of your business.  A good valuation will provide you with a punch list of key risk areas to not only improve the value and attractiveness to buyers, but also increase your bottom line, cause alignment and improved culture, and reduce expectation gaps.

In the The SCI Academy you will find the: PDF for this Presentation including a Video recording, and a Audio recording.

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The SCI Academy is the digital extension of SCI’s Thought Leader Community providing resources, education, and advice via collaborative think tanks, events, programs, online content, and introductions. 

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Inside versus Outside Buyers

Transferring commissions to employees, inside buyers, often seems the easiest way to exit as the owner. In all cases inside buyers cannot pay you out with a
one-time payment and will need to pay over time. So, it is critical that commissions continue as projected. With an inside sale it is vital to have a Plan B ready if something happens to key employees. I suggest consulting with an objective business advisor to assess your employee’s abilities and gain an objective analysis of their potential. Performance must be tied to the purchase.

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Travel Medical & International Health Insurance


Travel assistance, telehealth, urgent care: A benefits checklist for summer vacation safety 

Summer is just getting started, which means vacations, more time outdoors and a break from typical routines. It is a perennial season of fun in the sun. However, health and wellness issues can crop up, even while traveling, and accidents happen.  

Between packing up suitcases, crossing off travel checklists or just spending more time outdoors, please keep in mind this handy toolkit of resources below for your clients that most employers are already providing in their employee benefit offering, along with some helpful tips. They can help avert catastrophe, or at the very least, keep summer fun.   

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Solve Client Issues: Collaborate with a Subject Matter Expert

How Health Insurance Professionals Can Find Collaborative Partners

By Danny Wexler

Successful health insurance professionals reach out to specialists to find the right solution when their client’s issues are outside of their expertise.

These professional specialists, called Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), solve client issues using their expertise to collaborate with other professionals.

What I have seen over and over in my planning work as an attorney is that clients are concerned about three things:

1) How to not outlive their savings in retirement;
2) How to get the best coverage for medical expenses; and
3) How to save every dollar in taxes and fees.

In this article, I outline a case study where Patricia, a successful health insurance professional, contacted me for ideas to address her client’s most pressing tax and legal planning concerns. Patricia attended a training session I presented on collaboration. She contacted me to discuss and eventually collaborate on her client’s issue.
In working with other professionals, which I enjoy doing, my approach is to be clear that the goal is always to arrive at
a comprehensive solution for the client. In my collaborative process, we work hard to get all involved a WIN.

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Special thanks to Russ Williamsfor his new Professional Development
contributions twice a month for California Brokers. His “Letters on Integrity” will explore the themes of Integrity. 

Through The Clarity Conversation, Russ offers readers the chance to work directly with him to explore these subjects. 

INTEGRITY ASSET #5  MANAGING CAUSE & EFFECT                                         
I practice releasing the Lesser to achieve the More.

“Everything you want in life has a price to it. There is a price to pay if you want to make things better, a price to pay for leaving things as they are, a price for everything.” 

Harry Browne

Will America’s professional and business leaders act upon the clarion call for transparent, ethical leadership in Washington, on Wall Street and down Main Street?  The answer will not be found in mission statements, human resource compliance or governmental regulation.  The answer can be found in a straightforward statement from Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th president: “There is no victory at bargain basement prices.”

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