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Your Health Your Clients Must Know That Healing Is Possible
By Dr. Anoop Kumar, M.D.

Every broker wants their client to have a health insurance plan that is ideal for them. Every broker wants to make sure their client is taken care of in their time of greatest need. When people come to me in the ER in their time of greatest need, I too hope that they have whatever support they need to get through that difficult time. But what about the other side of the equation? What about those times when a person may not be sick or diseased, but is still not functioning optimally and not enjoying their lives with as much ease, capacity, or power as is possible? This too is a function of their health.

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Flourishing through Trusted Partnerships: Growing Your Business with Collaborative Efforts
By Phil Calhoun

For over four decades, California Broker has provided information and resources for health and life insurance professionals in California. During this period, over 25,000 brokers have read and responded to our content monthly. As we work to reinforce trust within the broker community, we consistently seek to provide articles that brokers find to bolster their ability to be better advocates for their clients. This series is on the value of collaboration and is intended to help brokers bring solutions to clients and grow their business.

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Why Would Anyone Want to Sell Their Life Insurance Policy?
There are 2.5 million reasons each year

By Lisa Rehburg

That’s right — 2.5 million seniors a year will walk away from their life insurance policies. 500,000 seniors a year will lapse their life insurance policies, leaving behind an estimated $100 billion of benefits. And, another 2 million will surrender their policies — each year! 90% of seniors who have let a policy lapse would have considered selling it, had they known life insurance settlements existed. These seniors are your clients, and potential clients.

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Employee Benefit Technology: Bridging the Gap between HR, Employees, and Brokers
By Ed Ligonde


Employee benefits are a crucial part of any company’s people and experience strategy. For most employers, it is not a ‘check the box’ option, but rather a recruitment and retention tool.

However, understanding employee benefits is not always easy for employees, and HR teams can struggle with bandwidth. In this article, we will explore how brokers are leveraging technology to bridge the gap between HR, employees and themselves. At the end of the day, there are ways to deploy technology to be triple efficient!

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Ghost Networks and Long Wait Times: The Challenges of Accessing Mental Health Care
How brokers can help
By Carmen Ponce

Accessing mental healthcare is a major challenge in the United States, with many people facing significant barriers to getting the help they need. One of the biggest issue is the lack of available mental health providers and the adequacy of healthcare companies’ mental health networks. According to a CNN/KFF poll, 90% of American adults believe that the United States is experiencing a mental health crisis, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue. (Link: )

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Is It or Isn’t It Long-Term Care Insurance?
Why 7702(b) matters for Long-Term Care planning
By Marc Glickman

Thanks to the conversations happening in states considering a payroll tax to cover a modest state-funded long-term care benefit, there’s more interest in understanding what qualifies as long-term care insurance. California may allow an exemption from the proposed payroll tax if an employee already owns private long-term care insurance. So, it’s important to understand what that means by looking at the product types that may qualify for an exemption.

In this article we explain what section 7702(b) is, how it works, and how it differs from a chronic illness rider (IRC 101(g)).

What is Section 7702(b)?

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California Broker is pleased to have a collaborative relationship with Marc Glickman and his specialists.

This gives our subscribers looking for LTCi case design help the option to use the LTCi portal we have set up with Marc and Buddy Insurance.
Marc has a platform to help health and life insurance professionals learn more about LTCi and refer clients — or learn how to write LTCi policies using his process.

If you would like to collaborate on LTCi, you can find help through the online portal listed below. Try the portal and see how you can get LTCi case design help, make referrals to LTCi specialists who will collaborate with you and help you help your client. You will share in the success of a LTCi sale from your referrals.
Once connected with a LTCi specialist, you can decide for each client if you want to stay involved in your client’s case each step of the way leading to a successful LTCi policy sale
or refer your client and get process updates. Some brokers will want to learn the LTCi business. This platform provides this and helps brokers through the process. In future articles we will share how the process works.
CONNECT to the Buddy Insurance LTCi PORTAL HERE:  http://www.buddyins.com/calbroker


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