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April 2023

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In April’s 2023 edition, we cover:

Offer your clients more solutions

Increase Your Income With Cross Selling

We will share tips from experts to address situations that health insurance alone will not solve for business owners and individual clients. There are many ways you as a health broker can add new lines of insurance that will increase your value and add to the good work you already perform for your clients.

This series will give you the resources you need to provide insurance solutions, supported by valuable collaborative partners: from helping clients determine what coverage they need to manage the risk of unpredictable life events at any age, helping loved ones be prepared for these life events or managing expenses in retirement. And of course, we will demonstrate how to be paid for this work.

By Phil Calhoun

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NABIP Members Visit with the 118th Congress

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Representing our association, agents and our clients, members from over 200 chapters of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professions (NABIP) that was formally known as NAHU, visited with their elected representatives from Feb. 26 through March 1 in Washington D.C.

Chapter representatives flew in from all over the country for leadership training, to discuss key legislative issues and hear outstanding speakers. And, they visited the many DC sites, enjoyed great meals with friends and shared ideas. Members celebrated the 80’s with our NABIP Political Action Committee (PAC) fundraiser that helped raise monies for our PAC.

By Maggie Stedt

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Financial Wellness Solutions that Offer Immediate Support: A Win-Win Situation

The macro-economic landscape for working Americans today is at best uncertain. Rising costs of everyday needs, speculation of a recession, and headlines about layoffs are pushing employee financial stress to an all-time high. And while wages have risen over the past year, inflation has outpaced those wage increases — forcing many to dip into their retirement, forego contributing to their savings or juggle which bills to pay.

And it is not just low-income earners who are feeling the pressure. Many middle-income families say their earnings are not keeping pace with the cost of living, and a rising number say they are unable to save for the future.

By Mike Wilbert

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Leveraging New Tools to Control Healthcare Costs

Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare costs have been steadily rising for over three decades. According to National Health Expenditure (NHE) data analyzed by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), U.S. national health spending in 1970 totaled $74 billion. It increased to $1.4 trillion in 2000, and by 2020, health expenditures tripled to $4.1 trillion or 19.7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

These steady increases can be attributed to many factors, including an increase in per-person healthcare spending, consolidation of hospitals and physician practices, and consolidation among health insurers.

By John Thornton

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