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In May’s 2023 edition, we cover:

“Never Pay the First Bill”

Making the case for professionalism 

After reading this book it is clear the author has done an excellent job covering many aspects of the health industry. From a health insurance professional’s perspective, I appreciated how he explains billing situations, how medical bills and codes work, ideas on how to access tests and treatment, and more.

By Marshall Allen

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How a Self-Empowered Mindset Ensures Success

Take powerful steps for yourself, your staff and your community

As an insurance broker, you know that the industry is all about managing risk. But have you ever stopped to consider the risks associated with your own mindset? A self-empowered mindset is essential for success in both personal and professional life. So, why does a broker need to know this information, and how can they use it to help themselves and their clients?

By Chris Jankulovski

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Beneficiary Designations Versus a Commission Protection Plan

Get better protection for your hard-earned commissions

In this article we compare carrier beneficiary agreements with a Commission Protection Plan. We will explain the beneficiary agreement generally offered by carriers, then explain the shortfalls of these agreements. Finally, we outline a projected financial comparison with a common buyout agreement and how the numbers work in the sale of commissions.

By Phil Calhoun

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Why Brokers Should Demand Digital Technologies from their Carriers

It’s important it is to actually fulfill the promises those benefits

Ask anyone in the hiring world, and most will tell you that over the past few years, more and more job seekers are ignoring job descriptions without a listed and clear benefits package.

If simply having a benefits package is key to getting considered, imagine how important it is to actually fulfill the promises those benefits provide.

By Tony Grosso

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Personality type and persuasive communications:understanding your client’s communications needs

Here’s a quick quiz. When you are talking to a salesperson, what works for you, and what doesn’t? Specifically, when someone is trying to influence you, which of the following approaches would be the least effective?

  1.   Idealistic, using emotive arguments with little relevance to real life
  2.   Detached, impersonal and with a complicated rationale
  3.   Closed-minded, narrowly focused, and impersonal
  4.   Poorly thought-through arguments with irrelevant detail and few possibilities.

By John Hackston

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