The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) Selects Gaine Healthcare and Availity to Support the Launch of the California Statewide Provider Directory Utility

The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) announced their selection of Gaine Healthcare and Availity as the technology vendors for the launch of the statewide Provider Directory Utility (PDU).  The first of its kind in the state, the PDU will offer a centralized, cloud-based platform for providers and health plans to update, manage, and exchange their provider data.  The PDU will simplify burdensome data submission processes for providers and health plans, enabling the plans to publish more accurate and timely provider information in their own directories.  Moreover, three of the largest network plans in California – Blue Shield of California, Anthem Blue Cross and Health Net have confirmed their participation in the 2018 launch of the PDU. With additional strong collaboration and support from Covered California as well as state and federal regulators, the PDU is well positioned for gaining critical mass and scale.

IHA will work with Gaine Healthcare and Availity to implement and scale the PDU and provide extensive customer and technical support to help users adopt this new technology. IHA selected Gaine Healthcare and Availity due to their ability to meet robust business and technical requirements, their extensive experience in provider data management in California, and their fit with IHA’s strategic roadmap.  Gaine Healthcare and Availity have best-in-class technology and proven business processes that deliver improved data accuracy and greater efficiencies for providers and health plans. The sophisticated data management platform from Gaine Healthcare which enables crowdsourcing and industry-wide collaboration, coupled with the widely adopted provider portal from Availity will allow IHA to address the complex needs of the California healthcare market. (read more)