Be a Change Agent

By Joe Navarro

Our industry has changed. Products have changed. The buying process has changed.
Your clients have changed. I am not telling you anything you don’t already know. We can all personally attest that, since 2010 and the roll out of the Affordable Care Act, there has been a lot of pounding in the heart. Step back even further and think about another disruptor that has grown more prominent during the past few years that we have all experienced – how much of a role technology plays with the selling and servicing of health insurance products. Right now most of you are knee deep in fourth quarter. So where am I going with all of this? My goal is to build awareness that agents who embrace the idea of adaptability and even encourage change are achieving higher levels of success in our market today. These folks are looking at it from a marketing perspective and seeing opportunities that others can’t see because they are too busy resisting change around them. So let’s first address the resistance to the word change. According to the Harvard Business Review, change can make people feel that they have lost control over their territory. They reject it because of the uncertainty that comes with it. Finally, it can be seen as a lot more work that they don’t have the time or inclination to take on. Now here is another revelation.  Whether you agree or not, if you are still in business after the roll out of the Affordable Care Act and you are actively selling today that would qualify you (in part) as an agent-of-change. Here’s something else you can aspire to be if you are not already there.


  •  Is unequivocally the source of knowledge.
  • Looks at change as an opportunity to improve.
  • Has built relationships around mutual trust.
  • Demonstrates a clear and focused vision.
  • Shows a passion for putting the client first.
  • Is ethical and innovative at the same time.
  • Uses technology as part of the overall solution.
  • Leads with the client not from above.

The differentiator is that you might be doing some of these well right now during fourth quarter versus your competition who is doing all or most of them well during this time of change. My take home is that one of your primary objectives should be the agent-of-change person, be it now, or while planning for next year. Change is the new normal for success in our industry. All those who want to market their business in the future must find a way to being defined as an agent-of-change. Everything is Marketing.

Joe Navarro
is marketing director for Warner Pacific.
Director of Broker Education & Training, Certified Master Trainer, Gerontologist & Coach. With YOU as the focus.