Anticipating the Future:


Anticipating the Future:

Legislative and Compliance Matters to Monitor


As we move into the last quarter of 2023, it’s important for brokers to remain vigilant about upcoming developments. Your clients rely on your expertise and guidance to navigate important deadlines and understand their responsibilities when it comes to changing laws and legal rulings. Three significant deadlines and issues your clients need to know about are Medicaid Unwinding, Gag Clause Attestations, and the ruling on Preventative Care.

Medicaid Unwinding

In March 2020, Congress provided additional Medicaid funding to states as part of COVID-19 relief legislation. States had to meet certain requirements, including a “continuous coverage” provision that prevented most Medicaid enrollees’ coverage from being terminated during the Public Health Emergency (PHE). Since the PHE expired in May 2023, states are starting the process of “unwinding” by reviewing Medicaid eligibility.

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