Single-Payer’s Big Test: Can Medicare-for-all win in competitive House districts?

California is the next big test of whether a new wave of candidates can win backing government health care.

IRVINE, California — A Democrat might finally have a real chance to win this congressional seat in Orange County. Even a candidate who endorses Medicare-for-all.

Katie Porter, a UC Irvine law professor, has a good shot at surviving California’s “top two” primary on June 5 to take on Republican Rep. Mimi Walters in November. Porter’s campaign touts a poll, fielded by a group that endorsed her, showing her beating Walters by 3 points in a hypothetical general election matchup.

Walters first ran for Congress and won on conservative policies like repealing Obamacarehere in Irvine in 2014. Porter, meanwhile, is running on a progressive agenda, including a push to move all Americans to a government-run health insurance program.

“What we see in the field, talking to voters, is that Orange County families are very concerned about the broken state of our health care system,” Porter said at a recent forum for Democratic candidates. “The time is now to elect can-do Democrats who are going to fight for Medicare-for-all.” (read more)