Health Care Bills Introduced by Assemblymember Wood pass California Assembly

AB-2472, a health care bill introduced by California State Assemblymember Jim Wood and designed to improve California health care coverage options, passed the California State Assembly on Tuesday and will move on to the Senate.

The bill would have the California Health Benefit Exchange, which works to make health insurance affordable for people and small businesses to purchase, look at ways to improve health care options in areas for people with limited health plan choices.

Under AB-2472, the board of the California Health Benefit Exchange would be required “to prepare an analysis and evaluation, known as a feasibility analysis, to determine the feasibility of a public health insurance plan option to increase competition and choice for health care consumers. The bill would require the feasibility analysis to contain, among other things, an actuarial and economic analysis of a public health insurance plan and an analysis of the extent to which a new public health insurance plan option could address the underlying factors that limit health plan choices in some regions. The bill would require the board to submit the feasibility analysis to the Legislature on or before January 1, 2020.”