California Congressman Proposes Testing Automatic Enrollment in ACA Plans

U.S. Rep. Ami Bera, MD, D-California, has introduced legislation that would allow states to test a version of automatic enrollment in health insurance plans while giving customers a way to opt out of coverage.

In states which choose to utilize federal grants for the pilot program created by Bera’s bill, called the “Pathway to Universal Coverage Act,” those who don’t want coverage would have to actively opt out of plans. They would have 60 days to do so under the legislation, which Bera said would ensure consumer choice is protected while also making it more likely customers sign up—particularly those who don’t realize they qualify for ACA subsidies which cover most or all of their monthly premiums.

“As a doctor, I know that health care is extremely personal,” Bera said in a press release. “Too many hardworking families have been left out or left behind by premiums and deductibles they can’t afford. Americans deserve a plan that protects their current health care coverage, expands enrollment, and reduces costs for everyone.” (read more.)