Why Health Insurers Can, But Won’t, Break Up Medical Monopolies

Why Health Insurers Can, But Won’t, Break Up Medical Monopolies

If there’s one big lesson to take from this series so far—something that unites the many monopolies that make up American healthcare—it’s this: As monopolies expand their power and influence in healthcare, they grow complacent. And when that happens, innovation dies.

Ultimately, Americans pay the price with their wallets and their health. Story continues..


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Problems with Medicare Advantage Payment System Contribute to Overpayment

Medicare Advantage plans are overpaid and do not exhibit the quality of care improvements to justify their payments.

The Medicare Advantage program has serious structural problems that lead to overpayment and policymakers must take action on MedPAC’s recommendations in order to create a more cost-effective program, an issue brief from the Urban Institute found.

“MA plans have reduced health care utilization, but although MA was also supposed to generate Medicare program savings, it never has,” the brief explained. “Policy groups such as the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) have long understood and explained that MA plans are overpaid relative to TM when viewed on comparable terms.” Dig Deeper …

Annuitants Will Feel the Impact of Medicare Part D Changes

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 50 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare Part D plans. With the passage of last year’s Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, reforms to Medicare Part D will be enacted, so everyone – including federal annuitants – enrolled in the plan will have to pay attention to the changes.

Kevin Moss is a senior editor with Consumers’ Checkbook. Checkbook’s Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees is available now. He’s also a GovExec contributor and his latest post site is headlined “How Changes to Medicare Part D Will Impact Federal Annuitants.” He joined the podcast to discuss the changes to Medicare Part D.  Listen to PODCAST here…


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Feds promise to trim backlog of health care investigations

About two-thirds of the cases involve potential violations of health information privacy and security, a problem that has worsened in recent years because of data breaches and cybersecurity hacks, the agency said. In 2021, more than 700 large breaches of health information were reported. Health insurer Anthem, for example, was forced to pay the government a record $16 million fine in 2018 after a data breach affecting about 79 million people — including names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and medical IDs. Read here…


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Employer-Based Health Insurance and Employee Compensation

Given that so much of the increase in worker compensation during the past 2 decades has been consumed by health insurance costs, it is important to ask whether the value of health insurance has increased during this period. Might the average worker benefit from an increasing share of their income going to health insurance? Unfortunately, while the costs of health insurance have increased, the value of health insurance appears to have declined. Continue reading…


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The impact of this transition will not only be on the owner and their loved ones but on employees, vendors, customers, communities and charities. The transition process, often called “business exit planning,” needs to be explained. Story continues here…


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Google flexes its health care AI muscle

There’s an arms race among big tech companies to infuse their products with AI — but the results, particularly in health care, can have unwanted consequences or pitfalls, like racial bias, privacy concerns and ethical problems. Continue reading here…



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