Record Social Security Increase!

Largest Jump in Social Security Benefits in 41 YEARS!
Just when money got tight and tighter — welcome and well-earned relief is arriving for those of us who’ve reached our 60s and beyond. The Social Security Administration announced Oct. 13 that benefits will jump 8.7% for 2023, the largest increase since 1981, when double digit inflation pushed payments up more than 11%. The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) affects 70 million Americans, including 48 million retired workers and their spouses and dependents; those receiving disability and survivors benefits; and recipients of Supplemental Security Income. The average retired worker will receive $1,827 a month in 2023, up $146 from $1,681 this year. Read Article from Forbes


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After Congress Fails to Add Dental Coverage, Medicare Weighs Limited Benefit Expansion
Proposed changes in Medicare rules could soon pave the way for a significant expansion in Medicare-covered dental services, while falling short of the comprehensive benefits that many Democratic lawmakers have advocated. Read article

Good to know!
KFF: Medicare Advantage is a Diamond in the Government Healthcare Rough

A record 28.4 million seniors get their insurance through Medicare Advantage, according to a new analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. They account for nearly half of all eligible Medicare beneficiaries. And that share will likely increase. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that more than 60% of the total Medicare population will be in Medicare Advantage plans by 2032. Since Medicare Advantage insurers must compete for seniors’ business, they’re incentivized to provide patients quality care at the lowest possible price. Read Forbes article here.

See NAIC consumer warnings for your Medicare clients
Three Tips to Avoid Common Pitfalls During Medicare and Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment
The NAIC is sharing tips to help consumers navigate Medicare annual open enrollment and Medicare Advantage open enrollment, find the plan that works best for them, and spot misleading or fraudulent marketing. 

  1. Don’t be pressured
  2. Do your homework
  3. Follow basic cybersecurity practices online

While some choices may look promising on your TV or computer screens, not all plans are created equal, and some offers really are “too good to be true.”  Dive in here.

Looking to the future of Medi-Cal contracts
Blue Shield Pushes Back on 2024 Medi-Cal Procurement Decision
Contends that the State of California has not produced key records and questions credentials of appeals hearing officer

Blue Shield of California filed legal documents with the State Superior Court seeking a judge to compel the California Department of Health Care Services to comply with the state public records act and release documents related to the state’s initial decision on the award of Medi-Cal contracts for 2024.

“On behalf of the Medi-Cal beneficiaries we serve today whose health care is directly impacted by this decision, and of every Californian, we are turning to the court to insist on a full, fair, and robust Medi-Cal procurement appeals process,” said Kristen Cerf, President and CEO, Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan.“We believe that the Department of Health Care Services has a duty to get this right and not just rubber stamp its original decision.”  Read more.


California Governor Signs important health care bills

As the 2021-22 legislative session came to a close, Governor Gavin Newsom took action on a number of important bills supported and sponsored by the California Medical Association. For more information, see the articles listed here.

Who IS covered?
Uninsured rate could drop further as insurers expand reach

Just 8% of Americans were uninsured in the first three months of 2022, and the record low is expected to drop further following the extension of enhanced Affordable Care Act premium subsidies, the federal government’s nearly $100 million investment for health coverage enrollment assistance, and expansion announcements by major insurance providers. Cigna, for instance, recently announced plans to expand its ACA reach to 363 counties in 16 states, while Aetna and CVS Health plans will be sold through ACA exchanges in 12 states. Full Story: Becker’s Payer Issues


Retirees Spending More Than They Can Afford
Brokers can help better plan future expenses

EBRI survey finds that retirees are spending much higher or a little higher than they can afford in 2022 (17% in 2020 vs 27% in 2022). Black and Hispanic retirees, as well as those in the lower annual household income brackets and poor self-reported health status also indicated their spending is higher than they can afford. Dive deeper here.

To view the complete 22-page Issue Brief, “2022 Spending in Retirement Survey: Understanding the Pandemic’s Impact,” visit here.

Racially Biased Medical Device Results Raise Safety Concerns
Awareness can improve care for your client’s workforce
Racial biases continue to be exposed in the medical devices that physicians commonly use to evaluate patients. From thermometers to oximeters to X-rays, people of color receive the most inconsistent results, which is detrimental to their health. Health systems attempt to remove these biases to enhance quality and eliminate health disparities. Many are still in the process of identifying where inequalities, processes, and devices need to be evaluated further. The Food and Drug Administration is starting to take action, too. Read more here.
And from

How Digital Tools Promote Patient-Centered Care
More high-tech advances for better care
Using digital health tools to identify patients with symptoms of depression and make it easier for them to actively seek care is one of the projects highlighted in the 2021 annual report from AHRQ’s Digital Healthcare Research Program. The report describes 21 completed and 25 ongoing AHRQ-funded research projects, including interventions that use digital healthcare tools to bring care to patients outside of traditional healthcare settings. The report also highlights emerging research that focuses on AHRQ’s priority areas, including the role of social determinants of health. The report and the new blog AHRQ Views blog are available now. Dive in here


6 Ways Happiness is Good For Your Health

  1. Happiness protects your heart.
  2. Happiness strengthens your immune system
  3. Happiness combats stress
  4. Happy people have fewer aches and pains
  5. Happiness combats disease and disability
  6. Happiness lengthens our lives

Dive deeper.

Are you getting your 10,000 steps?
Walking briskly up to 10,000 steps per day can help reduce risk for heart disease, cancer and early death, but any amount of walking is also beneficial, according to a study of 78,500 people that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. The benefits of walking increased with the number of steps up to 10,000, after which the effects trailed off, and researchers noted that the “intensity of stepping matters — over and above volume.” Full Story: CNN



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