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In May’s 2023 edition, we cover:

ChatGPT Can Help Brokers Accomplish 7 Essential Marketing Tasks

Effective marketing attracts new customers, wakes up dormant clients, fosters loyalty and generates referrals. It’s an important part of business. Nonetheless, some people neglect their marketing because they don’t have budget to hire a professional or they try to do it themselves and get stuck on the creative process.

The biggest area people struggle with is writing. They know what they want to say but have a hard time articulating it.

By MJ Finstrom

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California’s Legislative Season is in Full Swing

I don’t know if you all feel this way, but I feel like the whole first quarter of 2023 flew past. It’s interesting to observe the changes in our environments in our post-COVID world. Our industry has adapted over and over again, and we are not done. I have come to understand, as so many of my mentors have explained, that healthcare has always needed — and will always need — advocacy. And the integrity of the independent agent is on the line. I feel like there are a lot of new and young people joining this industry that would love to help advocate.

We need ambassadors encouraging participation in the associations that advocate for the real-life experiences of people using and paying for healthcare – our clients.

Before I summarize the current events post CAHIP Bill Review, I want to make a plea. 

By Dawn McFarland

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Prediction:  There will be more and more customer segmentation

The idea that “all patients” should receive the same clinical model is being fundamentally questioned — and this is a very positive development. Whether these offerings will be viable in the long-run is an open question, but certainly worth watching as every company is looking to align with broader trends in diversity, equity, and inclusion and simultaneously drive results.

Tim Lieb, SVP of growth and marketing, Blue Shield of California 

Do you agree or disagree on specific points about customer segmentation and why?

By Tim Lieb

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How Collaborative Partnering Benefits Your Clients – Part One

Many health brokers are excellent advisors in their specialty, health insurance. And, like most advisors, they feel confident when within their specialty areas. On the occasion when a health insurance client looks for help with an issue, and the need extends outside the health insurance specialty area, many advisors lean on colleagues who specialize in specific areas to find their client solutions.

By Phil Calhoun

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If You Have No Plan, Then Your Plan is to Fail

Create your 2023 Strategic Plan NOW!

2023 has begun, and if you haven’t created a strategic plan, now is the time! Don’t waste another second — your competition may already be planning your demise. I write this “tongue in cheek,” but there is a lot of truth to the fact that your competition is devising ways to gain market share and crush 2023. Shouldn’t you?.

By Paul Wirth

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E3: Earn; Elevate; Evolve

2023 IEAHU Symposium

Tuesday, May 16th @ the Riverside Convention Center

The focus of the 32nd Annual IEAHU Sales Symposium is to provide participants with tools and resources to plan for and emerge strong through future challenges in this new business environment. This event will include presentations from leading thinkers, strategists and creative Benefit Specialists who are making big impacts in our industry.

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  • May 10 @ 9 am PT, BenefitMall’s May Compliance Webinar, Register
  • May 16 @11 am-1:45pm, CAHIP-OC Anti-Fraud CE Presentation Register
  • May 23 @ 12:30pm- 4:30 pm, GAAHU CE & Wine Tasting, Livermore. Register
  • May 22-25 @9:30 am – May 25 @ 1:30 pm, CAHIP-San Diego Chapter, CE Week, Register
  • June 7 @  10:00 am – 7:00 pm, SDAHU Annual Summer Classic Golf Tournament, Poway. Register
  • June 12 @ 9:30 am – 5:00 pm, IEAHU Richard Hawkins Memorial Annual Golf Tournament, Riverside, Register
  • June 15 @ 9:00 am- 11:00 pm, GAAHU Annual Member Meeting/Board Election, Walnut Creek. Register


  • May 8-10, CAHIP Capitol Summit, Sacramento. Register
  • May 16 @ 8:00 am-3:00 pm PST, 32nd Annual IEAHU Sales Symposium E3: EARN; ELEVATE; EVOLVE. Register
  • May 16-17 @ 9:00 am-5pm, Digital Health 2023, San Diego, Register
  • May 18 @ 7:30 am-2 pm PST, CAHIP Desert Cities Health Care Summit, Palm Valley Country Club Palm Desert, CA. Register