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NASA images from James Webb Space Telescope 2022.

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How the James Webb Space Telescope transformed astronomy (and OUR perspective) this year
Look up!!!!

One year ago, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) began its journey through space. It was the $10bn gift to the world. A machine that would show us our place in the Universe.

“JWST was launched on Christmas day, and then was a present that took six months to unwrap,” said Jane Rigby, an astronomer at NASA and the JWST Operations Project Scientist.

After an initial calibration period, the telescope started collecting data. And the first results amazed astronomers. Outside of our own solar system, JWST has also helped astronomers observe the oldest and most distant known galaxies. The telescope is only five months into its science mission, and it’s already transforming astronomy. The telescope’s instruments have allowed it to capture previously unobservable planets, stars and galaxies near and far. Take a ride here

It was everything they said it would be. The American, European and Canadian space agencies held a party in July to release the first colour images. What you see on this page are some of the pictures subsequently published that you may have missed. Be amazed here.

Look to the future

Top 10 Healthcare Industry Predictions For 2023
by Sachin H. Jain, Forbes

The year 2022 is almost behind us and the healthcare industry is preparing for what promises to be a most interesting 2023. Deals — big and small —and increasing regulatory scrutiny will make 2023 a year to remember for all. Here’s a sample of 2023 predictions, to tickle your interest.

  • Medicare Advantage Will Remain Under A Microscope
  • Toxic Positivity Around Value-Based Care Will Abate
  • Home-Based Care Will Get A Closer Look
  • Biopharmaceutical Innovation Will Continue to Impress at Prices That Won’t
  • Greater Recognition That We Have a Leadership Crisis in American Healthcare  Dive Deeper Here.

California Economic Forecast
Check the Headwinds into 2023 

Understand the Current Environment

The first step in updating your business plans for 2023 is understanding the current and likely direction of the economic environment. Know where you stand currently and where the business is likely to be by say, June of next year. Read more here

Good News for Brokers!
UCLA Forecast: Any Economic Recession In 2023 Will Be ‘Milder’ In California

The quarterly UCLA Anderson Forecast released Wednesday predicts any national economic recession in coming months will have a “milder” impact on California.

“There are economic forces that will lead the state to a more moderate outcome. These include construction, non-information technology and the defense buildup,” the UCLA economists said.

The forecasters said the national economy could go either way — slower but continued growth or a “relatively mild, short-lived recession” — depending on inflation and actions by the Federal Reserve to contain it. Find out more here.

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