Navigating the future with AI


Navigating the future with AI

Tool or weapon? It’s up to you how you tango with tech


Object lesson: how to leverage technology to help deliver more high-touch services

This article is about technology and benefit brokers: how that relationship has evolved and where it might be headed. While I’m listed as the author, I had a silent partner — ChatGPT.

Perhaps the biggest opportunity and threat facing health insurance agents — and arguably humanity — is the rise of artificial intelligence. Will AI be a tool we use, or a weapon turned against us? Will AI be our friend or our Overlord?

Who better to discuss these questions with than an artificial intelligence? So, I reached out to ChatGPT. I explained the topic and asked it to interview me. What follows is our “conversation.”

Full disclosure, I edited the discussion for brevity. I can be wordy. However, ChatGPT takes verbosity to a whole new level. The AI is overly fond of adjectives and adverbs. It rephrases and parrots back the previous answer before moving on to a question. And there is no end to the questions ChatGPT will ask. Like literally, no end. I cut a lot of this unnecessary chatter to enable this issue of California Broker to include other articles. What remains, however, are ChatGPT’s questions, while the answers are mine.

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