Finding Long Term Care Solutions

Finding Long Term Care Solutions

How helped me address my client’s LTCi needs


It is no surprise that many of my clients have a fear of how to cover health expenses in retirement. Working through The Collaboration Center, I was able to solve my client’s complex issues. I experienced the value of collaborating with a subject matter expert (SME) and the process used to clarify issues and develop solutions.

To start, I explored my client’s concerns with Danny Wexler, an estate planning expert who assists health insurance professionals with client issues outside of their area of expertise. Danny and I agreed to arrange a call with my client. I introduced Danny as an SME in legal and estate planning. Danny’s background is ideal since he has performed these clarity calls numerous times.

The process began with a few questions that led my client to identify their top concerns. Danny suggested some general areas to help frame the conversation. Taxation, running out of money, and the safety of lifelong savings were revealed as possible concerns. The answers clarified my client’s priorities. It became clear the top concern was his family’s history medical conditions that required years of extensive and complex medical care. The potential cost of care might be exorbitant for him and his wife. He feared that much of their savings could be spent covering in-home care and, possibly, the cost of a nursing facility. This is when Danny suggested a conversation with Renée Caldwell, a long-term care insurance subject matter expert.

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