Don’t Expect Clients to “Sleepwalk” Retirement

RetirementIt is not enough for retirement funds to set default investment options and then expect employees to “sleepwalk” to a financially secure retirement, Alexander Forbes said this week, when it released its annual Benefits Barometer research report on retirement funds and other employee benefits. Fund members should be involved in retirement planning to ensure that it is suitable for their needs, senior executives of Alexander Forbes say.  And they say your employee benefits should provide you with protection to ensure that your journey to retirement is not jeopardised by events, such as disability, that could affect your ability to save. he key issue is not to maximise retirement savings, but to optimise the allocation of your resources across short-term consumption, long-term savings and income protection, Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, the head of the Alexander Forbes Research Institute, and John Anderson, the managing director of research and product development at Alexander Forbes, says in a recent post at

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