Opinion Roundup: No Specifics on Repeal and Replace

Major newspapers noted that President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address lacked any indication of progress or plans on his promise to repeal Obamacare :::::::

Editorials from major American newspapers noted that President Donald Trump sounded more presidential than in previous speeches, but added that his State of the Union address was short on specifics, especially regarding the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

In critiquing his State of the Union address, the New York Times noted that while Trump boasted of rapid progress on the promises he made, he has done little to address the issue of the repeal and reform of the ACA.

“Mr. Trump likes to describe his chaotic first month as ‘promises kept,’” the Times stated. “Really? Remember how he promised during the campaign to “immediately” fix Obamacare and deliver ‘great health care for a fraction of the price’? He hasn’t even put a plan on the table. On Monday, he complained to the nation’s governors that “nobody knew” replacing Obamacare ‘could be so complicated.’

The editorial, “Visions of Trumptopia,” is here.

The Washington Post noted that the president called for new policy on child-care accessibility and family leave, as well as expanding drug “treatment for those who have become so badly addicted.” But the editors said: “Yet repealing the Affordable Care Act, as he proposed, would likely make life much harder for those who need new family benefits and addiction treatment.”

The editorial is here.

The San Francisco Chronicle noted the lack of specifics on repealing and replacing Obamacare. “His remarks about his plan to overhaul of the Affordable Care Act clearly responded to rising concern across the nation that newly acquired health insurance would be swept away from many,” the editors stated. “The president addressed cost and the need to end the mandate to have health insurance, but his prescriptions — giving the rights to insurers to sell coverage across state lines, and relying more on health savings accounts — did not offer any new ideas on how the government would keep rates low and access broad.”

The editorial is here.

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