7 Things Every Californian Should Know About the Senate Race

Democrats are challenging Dianne Feinstein like never before, but can anyone really sneak past this icon of California politics?

Fore more than a quarter of a century, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has been a Democratic party standard bearer and a powerful voice on Capitol Hill for women, gun-control and progressive politics unmistakably rooted in the Golden State. A fixture in California politics, she’s now the oldest member of the Senate, and will turn 85 in June as she seeks her fifth full six-year term.

So why is she now facing her most significant re-election challenge in decades – and being derided by some members of her own party? One answer is in the Oval Office – her critics think she’s not loud enough in resisting all things Donald Trump. There’s also a tug-of-war within a Democratic party being pushed leftward by its Bernie Sanders wing, and the free-for-all nature of a revamped California primary system that’s now more inviting to intra-party challenges.

All that has turned what would typically be a shoo-in re-election bid into a battle. But are California’s voters really up for a revolt that could possibly unseat Dianne Feinstein? Read more.