October2014CoverNew Approach to Annuities

by Joseph Halpern • The structured note annuity (SNA) is a compelling and important offering that will profoundly affect the insurance complex.

Pet Insurance – Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? Selling Pet Insurance to Supplement Life and Health Sales 

Pet Insurance: One of the Top Requested Benefits of 2014

by Jessica Calise • For smart employers, offering pet insurance policies can be another tool to draw in new employees and retain their best workers.

The Growing Value of Pet Health Insurance 

by Chris L. Middleton • Pet insurance, once deemed a luxury for wealthy pet owners, is now essential to providing financial protection from escalating pet-care costs.

Challenging Times for the US Pet Market 

by Mark Colonnese • Some in the pet insurance market have expressed concern about legislative bill AB 2056 which aims to tighten up the market.

Disability – Connect Your Small-Business Clients with Carriers that Consult

by Brian Kost  • Allowing direct access between carrier resources and clients can help reduce instances of disability in the workplace and increase productivity and profitability. Voluntary Benefits

How to Maximize Enrollment in Voluntary Benefits

by Marcia Bowers • A few simple best practices can make a big difference in the success of your voluntary benefit plan.

Big Data — the Cure for Quoting and Online Enrollment In an ACA World

by Chad Hogan  The rise of big data is a tipping point for the next frontier of clinical care, operations, marketing, customer relationship management, and service in the health care industry.

PPO Power, Our Annual Survey 

by Leila Morris • Seven PPOs in California diligently answered direct questions about their plans. Our readers, who are savvy health brokers, suggested many of the questions.

We hope this information will help the professional agent or broker better serve sophisticated healthcare clients.

Disability – How Return-to-Work Strategies Can Help your Employer Clients

by Phil Bruen  • Increasing employee productivity is a primary objective for today’s employers, yet only 45% have return-to-work strategies.

Voluntary Benefits – Focus on What Really Counts When – Evaluating a Vision Network

by Jason Rome • There is renewed interest in this affordable, value-added ancillary benefit thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an aging workforce, more time spent working on computer screens, tablets and smart phones, and the eyewear industry’s success in blending medical utility with fashion.

Getting in the Game – Producers Can Change the Game with Voluntary Benefits

by Jeff Caldwell •Producers can change the employee benefit game by integrating voluntary life and supplemental health products into the overall strategy.

Presenting Vision So It Doesn’t Get Missed

by Sara Niemeyer • Employees are receptive to learning about benefits, and vision coverage often leads to satisfaction.

Using Medicaid – Expansion to Comply With the Employer Mandate

by Ben Geyerhahn  • Employers face some tough health insurance choices in 2014 and 2015, but there is an easy way to mitigate their insurance costs with generous Medicaid offerings.

Life Insurance – How FATCA Will Affect Brokers Dealing with Foreign Insurers and Agents 

by Dean Paik • FATCA has an exceedingly broad reach. Unfortunately for insurance professionals, one such area is the purchase and sale of insurance products.