January2015CoverHSA Survey – 2015 HSA Survey: Part I

Welcome to our annual HSA Survey. We asked the top companies in the state essential questions about coverage and services that affect you, the broker. Read on to find out which plans will work best for you and your clients. Look For Part II of Our Annual HSA Survey in the February 2015 Edition.

Level Funded Plans – Engineering Health Care Cost Containment with Self Insurance & Guaranteed Issue…  

Level-Funding:  The Answer for Small Business Health Plans  

by Joseph Berardo Jr.  • Brokers should articulate level funding as a predictable self-insured health plan that offers fixed monthly payments. When actual claims are lower than expected at the end of the year, employers can then use the credit to pay future health plan costs.

Disability – It’s All About Income

by Gerald M. Kouzmanoff CLU, ChFC  •  Isn’t it time that we start better protecting the income, the moneymaking machines, of our clients in the event they become sick or hurt?

How Disability Agents Can Avoid Litigation

by Stacy Monahan Tucker   •  As an agent or broker, what are your duties to your clients and the insurance companies in a disability claim? How can you navigate those duties while advising your clients in the claim process and protecting yourself from litigation?

How Return-to-Work Strategies Can Help your Employer Clients

by Phil Bruen   •   Unplanned absences can take a significant toll on the finances and productivity of a company and its employees.

Online Private Exchanges – For Benefit Exchanges in California, the Question Is Not If but When

by Ryan Morrison   •   Online benefit exchanges let brokers offer their clients more choice, a consumer-friendly buying experience for employees, streamlined administration, and reduced costs.

Long Term Care Planning – An Alternative Approach to Initiating Long-Term Care Planning

by Brenda Salyer   •   It is no longer true that having traditional long-term care insurance is the only way to pay for long-term care expenses.

Fixed Annuities – Five Trends for Fixed Annuities in 2015

by Rich Lane   •   Fixed annuities, once viewed as a conservative investment strategy, have emerged as an accumulation vehicle of choice for many soon-to-be retirees.

Dental – 2015 Dental

by Mark Roberts    •   Employers are going to see more options for private exchanges, voluntary benefits, and government requirements.

Prepaid Legal – Help Employees Plan for the Future with Legal Benefits

by Marcia Bowers   •   Creating a will is a common reason most people sign up for a legal plan, but there are many other ways a legal plan can help you plan for the future.

Travel Insurance – International Expatriate Coverage and ACA – What Expats Encounter

by Brendan Sharkey    •   The growth in globalization is indisputable. With it, comes the need for American companies to send employees around the world. According to the State Dept., 4 million to 6 million Americans live outside the United States. This brings up critical questions about ACA eligibility and the individual mandate.

Pet Insurance – Pet Insurance Survey

by Leila Morris   •   Welcome to our first annual pet insurance survey. Pet insurance is growing in popularity as more and more people seek to protect the health of cherished family members.