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What’s the Skinny on the Inflation Reduction Act?


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What the Inflation Reduction Act Really Means for Health Care

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law on August 16, 2022. The health, climate, energy, and tax legislation will have varying impacts on Americans’ lives, although some provisions of the law will not go into effect for years. Here’s an overview of health care-related measures that could affect your clients, courtesy of Word and Brown. Dive deeper. 

There’s More, Too
For information on the climate, energy, tax, and other provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act, visit the John & Rusty Report for links to numerous articles published leading up to and following passage of the Inflation Reduction Act.

How the U.S. Drug Pricing Law Affects Medicare and Its Members

Learn how the $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act will affect some of the 63 million Americans aged 65 or over or with disabilities who receive Medicare health benefits. The bill authorizes the federal government to negotiate prices on some prescription drugs and cap costs for the government’s Medicare health program. Dig deeper.


Did you know?
New Legislation Affects Abortive Healthcare In California
By Paul Roberts, Senior Director, Education & Market Development, Word & Brown | California

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a package of new laws in late September that significantly affect health care and access to abortive care in the Golden State. These changes impact most Californians, especially those covered by fully insured group health plans, individual plans, or Medi-Cal. Read details here. 

Can’t be Avoided!
Addressing Dobbs v. Jackson with Your Workforce

The Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization impacts many, including employers who provide health benefits to their workforces. This month’s Compliance Corner blog from isolved offers insight and recommendations for some common questions that employers may have. Link

Employees Paying More Toward Medical, Uninsured Rate Down

A new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) found that workers with employer-sponsored health insurance are paying an increasing share of their health care costs. This is driven, primarily, by the growth of the High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs).

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Do Your Clients Offer Flexible Spending Accounts?
Remind them it’s time to use those funds before year end

This is another chance to be of service! Prompt your clients to remind their workers to Use It or Lose It! More info here.


Research Shows an Abundance Mindset Can Raise IQ by 13 Points
5 Ways to Cultivate One

Focusing on what you lack makes you functionally dumber. Train yourself to focus on what’s possible instead. When you’re tightly focused on all the things you lack, you have a scarcity mindset. The opposite — what scientists term an abundance mindset — improves your performance by a measurable amount. Trust this truth: Optimism moves the needle in your favor. The drum beat continues — from Oprah Winfrey to Tony Robbins. No surprises, but the reason you keep hearing these truths is because “an absolute tsunami of research shows they’re effective. These include cultivating gratitude and mindfulness.” Another no-brainer: Surround yourself with people with an abundance mindset. 

We all understand that material plenty takes away a lot of worries, but taking away worry and replacing it with a sense of possibility can help you reach material plenty. An abundance mindset alone can’t replace a level playing field, a solid educational system, and a minimum of protection from life’s unexpected setbacks, but it is the part of the equation you can most directly control. By taking these 5 simple steps … you can start to cultivate an abundance mindset that best positions you to take advantage of whatever opportunities the world throws at you.

See how from Inc’s Jessica Stillman.

HHS ‘roadmap’ aims to tackle nation’s mental health crisis

The federal Health & Human Services (HHS) department has created a roadmap to drive more equitable access to mental health for Americans. The roadmap places a priority on integrating behavioral care into broader healthcare and social systems in a coordinated way. The strategy aims to include behavioral health services not only in primary care settings, but in specialty areas such as OB/GYN care and in educational and early childhood settings. This includes the agency’s overdose prevention strategy and the new 988 crisis hotline, the HHS said. Dig deeper. 


Who are YOU talking to? Pandemic shifts relationship between C-suite and brokers

Did you know? the pandemic changed who advisors are talking to in the C-suite — and what they are talking about. 

The pandemic has been a watershed event for the benefits industry, reshaping what benefits advisors sell, how they sell it, and the ways they communicate with clients.

“There’s been a 180-degree shift in priorities and the way we approach benefits since the start of the pandemic,” says Jamie Nagle, vice president of people success for Artemis Health in Salt Lake City. “Before the pandemic, a lot of C-suite members were reluctant to embrace remote work, and many feared that productivity would decrease. Instead, we have seen that employees can be very successful working 100% remotely, and this can also become a successful recruitment strategy.”Most brokers adapted quickly and successfully to the new realities. Here’s what YOU need to know.

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4 Ways Social Media Marketing Drives Digital Connections In 2022

Four marketing experts to provide advice on adapting to an increasingly social world 

  1. Social Is Usurping the Traditional Website: Maura Kautsky, President at Sales Xceleration

From Maura Kautsky’s point of view, social media pages have taken over the role of traditional websites in many ways. That’s why she tells her advisors to update their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages diligently. Prospects can review advisors’ posts, check out their connections, read reviews, and watch videos.

Want more? Look here.


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6 Titles Named the Best Business Books of the

Explore the challenges of global capitalism, from energy politics to chip shortages with this Financial Times Best Business books of the year 2022 — the shortlist

Guide to Alternative Health Plan Design

Nonstop just released a comprehensive Guide to Alternative Health Plan Design. It has all the insights you need about alternative plan options—definitions, details, opportunities, and risks.

Help Your Clients Use the New Healthcare Price Transparency Data

The government-mandated healthcare price transparency data is finally here and has immense potential to improve the performance of employer sponsored plans. To unlock the data’s potential, employers must offer new tools that provide their workforce the information and incentives they need to see efficient providers. Download this white paper and learn about how you can provide your clients with those tools.Courtesy of Garner Health via BenefitsPro. DOWNLOAD NOW



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