Looking to Hire? Give another look at candidates with career breaks

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According to LinkedIn, with a lack of available workers, hiring managers would be smart to take a second look at candidates with career breaks they would earlier have passed over. LinkedIn now provides a way for members to spotlight their career pauses. Details here

Tips to increase your candidate pool: 

  • Look at the full set of skills a person has developed through their lived experiences (personal or professional)
  • Value the skills people may develop during career breaks (including compassion, caring and empathy) 
  • Give candidates the opportunity to share what they have learned that could be applied to the role, regardless of whether that skill was learned outside of work.


Resources for Your Medicare Clients: Cost of Senior Living Map

A nifty Senior Care Map was created by A Place for Mom in collaboration with an associate professor of economics Dr. Matthew Harris and is based on years of collected data.

The Senior Care Map was created to help families explore senior living and care costs across the U.S. more seamlessly.


CMS Offers Hospice Care Index Technical Report 

The Hospice Care Index (HCI) Technical Report is now available. This report provides descriptive analyses and detailed contextual information about the new HCI quality measure. Please navigate to the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality Downloads section of the Current Measures webpage to access this report.


News Making You Want to Hide?
How to stay engaged AND protect your mental health

Yea yea — we know we need to stay informed and engaged to exercise our power to effect change. But how can you strike a balance that supports both your wellbeing and your ability to take action?

Tips on healthy news consumption come from the Center From the Future of Museums (CFM) director Elizabeth Merritt. She says to “Cultivate knowledge and resilience, believe that you can change the world” in her post “How to Stay Informed While Staying Sane” found here.

“Perhaps you are suffering from news poisoning,” says Merritt … symptoms include malaise, despair, and the desire to sign off social media and never open a browser window again …  It would be tempting to retreat into an echo chamber of news and social media that confirms what we already believe to be true and provides the affirmation of like-minded peers. But the very things that make the news so stressful right now only increase our obligation to educate ourselves about what is happening in the world.”

Select your sources: Exclude hysteria, but avoid an echo chamber of your own thoughts. 

Limit your exposure: Schedule a limited window to check actual facts.

Be mindful of your motives: Why are you reading an article? To feel good about your own opinions? Learn something? Get mad? Flex your mental muscles, expand your perspectives, and ensure you don’t become complacent in your world view.

Find a reading buddy: someone with whom you can discuss difficult topics and challenging news. Ideally, someone who doesn’t agree 100 percent with your opinions.

Give yourself permission to goof off a bit: Grappling with the world requires a stable mental base, and our psyches may need some silliness right now.

Be choosy: Right now, reading less can actually help you be better informed in our tumultuous time. Be particular about what you read, and save your strength and resilience for focused, thoughtful engagement with difficult but essential material that challenges your preconceptions, expands your thinking, and helps you identify what you can do to take care of yourself and the world.  Read full article here.


Serve Your Clients’ LGBTQ Employees With Useful Online Safety Guide

Want your clients LGBTQ employees to feel cared for? Share this resource created by vpnMentor dedicated to help people protect their online privacy. They conducted a survey to illuminate the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Did you know 73% of all respondents in all categories of gender identity and sexual orientation have been personally attacked or harassed online?
This guide aims to empower LGBTQs and give them the tools to protect themselves online.


Doctors emboldened to leave jobs for work-life balance
Study reveals job turnover causing significant disruption in the physician workforce

Another pandemic fallout: a new report by ​CHG Healthcare shows the highest reported job turnover among physicians. No longer willing to work 100 weeks and have no personal life, the report revealed that 43% of physicians switched jobs during the pandemic. Only 8% retired, and 3% left medicine to work in a non-clinical career. Their desire for flexibility and work-life balance is emboldening them to leave jobs where they feel overworked or underappreciated. Previously, the average annual turnover rate for physicians was 6-7%, according to the Association of American Medical CollegesRead more.


Whoa – Commercial health insurers income took deep dive in 2021, says AM Best

Less people signed up for group health coverage and more are using Medicaid and individual plans from exchanges — creating a 90% drop in underwriting income for carriers last year. Health insurance overall saw a 65% reduction in underwriting income, according to an AM Best report — the worst since 2014. Read more: InsuranceNewsNet Magazine 

Hey hey! LIMRA: Workplace Supplemental Health Product Sales Start Strong in 2022 

During the first quarter of 2022, LIMRA reports an increase of 6% for supplemental health insurance products, (collectively accident, critical illness, cancer, hospital indemnity, and other supplemental health insurance products). However, workplace life insurance and disability insurance fell during the same period, according to LIMRA’s workplace benefits sales surveys. Read Article

Affordability and Access Driving Employers Health and Benefit Strategies in 2023, says Mercer Survey

Finding the right balance between a benefit package that supports attraction and retention but is financially sustainable has never been easy, but it’s especially challenging given the current labor market and volatile economic conditions. Read Article


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Nonstop supplies resources to help your organization thrive. Explore expert insights, tips, tools, and articles created to help your organization navigate the healthcare landscape. Info here.