Want to Sell Pet Insurance But Don’t Know Who Uses Brokers?

Follow up to our June 2021 survey of pet insurance providers

Several readers wanted to know which pet insurers use brokers to sell. We don’t want you barking up the wrong tree, so we’ve compiled a short list for your reference, followed by a more in depth exploration of one insurer.

This is not a complete list of pet insurance companies. It’s a resource for brokers and agents to sell pet insurance directly to consumers and/or to employers offering voluntary benefits. A Property & Casualty license is required.

• ASPA ~ www.aspapetinsurance.com.
Click on “For Brokers” Programs offered to employees as a voluntary benefit
• Embrace Pet Insurance ~ www.embracepetinsurance. com. Contact: Kelly Coffey, Director of Business Development kcoffey@embracepetinsurance.com
• Felix Cat Insurance Just for Cats www.felixcatinsurance.com
Pet insurance just for cats
Contact: Tim O’Hare  hello@totopetinsurance.com
• FIGO Pet Insurance ~ www.figopetinsurance.com Programs offered to employees as voluntary benefit Contact: 888-223-0596 Employer plans/discounts
• Odie Pet Insurance ~ www.getodie.com
Contact: zabrina@odiepetinsurance.com for agent inquiries 877-327-0471• PAWP ~ www.pawp.com
• PAWP works through HR Benefit Consultants (not agents) Contact: Julia, Head of Employer Benefits Julia@pawp.com 901-568-4349
• Pet Benefit Solutions ~ www.petbenefits.com
Employee benefit programs: click on “Brokers” to request info
• Pets Best Insurance ~ www.petsbest.com
“We’re here because we’re family “
Contact: Kerry Sutherland, PR at kerry@ksutherlandpr.com
Nicole May at benefits@petsbest.com 515-473-8709
Toto Pet Insurance Pet Insurance with a Heart www.totopetinsurance.com
Contact: Tim O’Hare: tim@myconnectedpet.com or hello@totopetinsurance.com
• Trupanion ~ www.trupanion.com
Employee benefits and Affiliate program
Contact: 855-355-6243 info@trupanion.com
• Wagmo Pet Insurance ~ www.wagmo.io
Employers & Brokers: scroll down to click on Wagmo at Work
Contact: 646-470-2856
Susan Halvorsen, Brokers & Agents Manager susan.halvorsen@wagmo.io Jacinta.mathis@wagmo.io

Editor’s Note:
Remember that this NOT insurance to cover for a dog bite or property damage under a homeowner’s policy. Pet insurance covers health expenses for the animals.
Cal Broker does not endorse any particular pet insurance companies. We are providing information here to help interested brokers find resources.

More to Consider
Cal Broker’s newest advertising exec Cindie Klima, who is also an insurance agent, researched this article for the magazine.
“Pet insurance is an evolving product,” says Klima. Of note, Klima says on the horizon is a North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) ‘model law’ on the way pet insurance is sold. “Pet insurance and how it’s sold is not standardized yet,” says Klima. Some brokers are predicting that there will even be a “limited license” in the future so that agents won’t have to get a Property & Casualty license to sell pet insurance.
Klima also recommends interested brokers check out this site to see how pet insurance can be offered to employers as a voluntary benefit:

Q&A Spotlight on Pets Best Insurance

The following information was provided to Cal Broker’s Cindie Klima by Kerry Sutherland of Pets Best.

Pets Best offers pet insurance and wellness plans for dogs and cats in every state. Founded in 2005 with a mission to provide access to comprehensive animal healthcare at an affordable price, Pets Best delivers flexible coverage, an easy claims process and excellent customer service.

Cal Broker (CB):
How long have you sold through agents/brokers and what kind of commission you pay?

Pets Best:
We’ve been working with agents and brokers since our inception and have a dedicated broker support team to ensure best in class service and communication for their agency and clients. We offer various commission structures with our standard being 10% the first year and 5% renewal.

How much of your business is sold through agents/brokers?
Pets Best: About 90% of our business is through brokers directly.

Do you have special packages brokers can offer to companies who would make your coverage available to their employees?
Pets Best: Pets Best is leading the pet insurance industry with HR integrations and billing platforms. Having been in the market for over 16 years, Pets Best knows the industry well and has identified the opportunity to offer comprehensive pet insurance and wellness plans as a voluntary benefit.

Companies and brokers can choose to work with Pets Best directly or collaborate with one of their chosen technical integration companies. Our unique technical ability allows for an easy set-up with your company or clients. Pets Best can quickly create a custom code and web link for your company or tailor the enrollment process for employees by offering a full stack integration using our API. With either option, you will be given dedicated account management support throughout the process. And, Pets Best has begun filing an increased discount for groups of more than 1,000, offering payroll deduction. This discount will be made available as we gain approval in each state.

Pet Insurance is administered by Pets Best Insurance Services, LLC and is underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company, a New York insurance company.
Please visit www.americanpetinsurance.com to review all available pet health insurance.