10 Tips to Sustain the Flow of Referrals & Introductions

Find out what clients love about working with you and get referrals


October is a prime month for building our culture of doing business through referrals and personal introductions. For most agents, brokers, and advisors, October is filled with client-service meetings and other reasons for being in touch with prospects and clients.

Here’s a checklist of 10 important things you want to do consistently to bring continued value, enhance personal connections and, therefore, multiply your best clients through personal introductions.

1. Your Client-Focused Why.

Telling a prospect why you believe in the work you do usually has a story connected to it. Telling this very short story or anecdote will help you build trust with your new prospects. This, in turn, helps you win more clients and become more referable at the same time. Make sure you end this short story with a benefit to your prospect or clients.

I’m telling you this because I’m on a mission to make sure most everyone I meet is equipped to make educated financial decisions that are always in their best interest.

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