Thanks for the recognition!

CAHU Awards Include Cal Broker!


At the annual convention in Costa Mesa last week, The California Association of Health Underwriters recognized California Broker for “decades of exceptionalism and support” of CAHU.

Immediate past president Dave Fear, Jr. handed out the award on Friday and said a lot of nice things about the magazine. We enjoy reporting on the industry and informing the people who help us all gain access to healthcare. If we could give you all a big hug, we would. Thanks for the recognition, CAHU. It was pretty cool.


The annual convention of the California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) took place last month in Costa Mesa. Attendees were treated to some invaluable sessions,with a clear emphasis on humanizing our client relationships. Some of the ones we dropped in on included Stan Israel’s session on long term care issues that Medicare and Medi-Cal don’t address;

LISI’s Ken Doyle on helping agents define their “why” and Tony Baffo of Employer Driven Insurance Services presenting on HRAs, HSAs and alternate funding. Alan Katz of NextAgency gave us some ideas about how to make our online communications sizzle and stand out from the crowd. A real favorite, though, was Jan Mesa of Word & Brown discussing leadership (the doctored Back to the Future photos alone made it a hit).

With the theme “Back to Basics: Preparing for the Future,” John Word, III, co-founder of The Word & Brown Companies, gave a rousing keynote in which he reminisced about his days starting out in the industry— including the use of the good ol’ Thomas Guide—and how, despite the changes, leaders in insurance and employee benefits understand one thing: customer service is at the heart of everything.

Jessica Word, president of The Word & Brown General Agency, later took the stage and seconded her father’s message that producers must constantly look for ways to increase their value to customers. Do this, and victory shall be yours. Part of the message from the stage was an appeal for producers to support associations, which work tirelessly for their benefit.

And speaking of support…Cal Broker magazine was honored for the work we do informing and educating. Immediate past president Dave Fear, Jr., handed out the award. He noted that Cal Broker was being honored for “decades of exceptionalism and support” of the industry. Thanks, CAHU!