Report Finds Essential Health Benefits Vary From State to State

subabuseA new report released by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has found that all qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act must cover a package of essential health benefits (EHBs) equal in scope to a typical employer plan. The law laid out 10 general categories of services that EHBs must cover, but did not itemize those services. As an interim policy for 2014 and 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services allowed each state to identify an existing plan as a benchmark for these EHBs. The result of this policy is that EHBs vary from state to state, often because of a legacy of different state-mandated benefits (such as treatments for autism, infertility, or temporomandibular joint disorders). This Data Brief analyzes state variation in coverage and limits for these non-uniform benefits. Click here for a download of the full report.

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